Trani Marble

trani marble

Trani marble is the most famous and appreciated stone extracted in Puglia (one of the most important regions for the stone sector, second only after Tuscany). Trani marble, better known as Trani stone, has been used very often in architecture not only locally (such as the Cathedral of Trani, built entirely of Trani marble almost a millennium ago) but also at the national level. Trani marble is quarried in the Murgia area, near the Trani extraction basin, where there are numerous quarries.

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What undoubtedly strikes at first glance is its soft color surface ranging from beige to ivory, adorned with subtle rust and brownish streaks.

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The chemical composition of Trani marble gives it high impermeability, anti-slip characteristics as well as resistance to frost and wear. Due to the excellent characteristics described above, Trani marble stone is used very often for outdoor projects. It is not at all uncommon to find Trani stone as marble in urban buildings: it is in fact used in cities for stairs, architraves, columns, road paving (paving stones) or curbs. But Trani marble is also used in private homes for the creation of Trani marble stairs, floors, dry stone walls, walkways, window sills, thresholds and skirting boards. While in indoor contexts polished Trani marble is the most popular finish, on the outside, brushing, sandblasting or even bush hammering are almost always opted for.

Material: Marble
Color: Beige
Origin: Italy
Uses: Coverings, Floor, etc
Surface: Polished, Honed

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