Botticino Semiclassico

botticino semiclassico

Botticino semiclassico is a variety of Botticino marble and is also quarried within the extraction basin of the Brescia Prealps. Like the classic Botticino marble, marmo Botticino semiclassico has a homogeneous background with a fine grain of cream color with lighter shades and thin brown veins. However, it differs from the classic Botticino for a more marked presence of yellowish or white veins.

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Botticino semiclassico undoubtedly represents the predominant variety among all Botticino marbles and is a very popular material for the construction of window sills, thresholds, floors and stairs. From an aesthetic point of view, thanks to its uniform beige color and its refined brown veins, Botticino semiclassico is both simple and elegant, particularly suitable for projects with a classic or traditional character.

Material: Marmo
Color: Beige
Origin: Italia
Uses: Rivestimenti, Pavimenti, Prodotti ecc
Surface: Lucidato, levigato, spazzolato, anticato ecc.

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