Marble Facade Cladding

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Marble facade cladding are the result of a continuous research into the creation of important and prestigious marble cladding exterior. In fact, marble has always been a natural stone which, thanks to all its veins and shades and to the thousand colors available, has been used for the creation of works of art famous all over the world that still preserve a timeless and indisputable charm.

white marble facade

The typical aesthetic appeal of this stone has made marble one of the preferred materials in luxury architecture and marble facade building, used both for interior cladding and flooring but also to give greater shine to historic buildings that, thanks to marble, still maintain the same original brightness.

To date, marble continues to be one of the most suitable materials for the marble cladding exteriorof luxury buildings, not only for aesthetic attractiveness but also for the functionality and practicality of this stone which results exceptionally suited to contemporary needs.

Marble Ventilated Facades

Marble facade cladding

The facade of a house has, among other purposes, that of regulating the exchanges of heat, light and air between the internal and the external environment. To make this exchange more functional and to enjoy maximum energy savings, ventilated facadescan be created, capable of guaranteeing optimal performance both during summer and winter, thanks to the insulating layer installed near the cavity.

marble ventilated facades

There are different materials with which the perimeter walls of a home can be made and, among these, the ventilated marble facade stands out, ideal for obtaining maximum energy savings and, at the same time, total aesthetic beauty.

Exterior marble tilesmade with this technique are the best solution to allow outdoor cladding to adapt to the weather since stone, being a natural material, is resistant and waterproof.

Curtain walls in marble are therefore the best solution to have an elegant and absolutely avant-garde coating in terms of energy saving and design, as well as guaranteeing a series of unparalleled benefits.

palace with travertine facades

First of all, a marble facade claddingequipped with ventilation is able to guarantee the insulation of the building (without thermal bridges, especially in humid areas such as attics), with the spontaneous elimination of water vapor naturally produced from the inside. In addition to these advantages, this type of marble facade claddingfor exterior use allows to obtain a reduction in structural movements caused by temperature variations and an improvement in noise reduction.

Marble for External Facades: which one to choose

There are different solutions for marble facade cladding, to be chosen according to personal taste since the stone has different shades of color that can better adapt to one living space rather than another.

The stone facadewas the primary choice in ancient buildings and today they are making a comeback thanks to the intrinsic characteristics of the natural material that instills a psycho-physical well-being to the user, as well as giving the house a fresh look that allows you to escape from the classic bricks and plasters, and the stress caused by urban concrete.marble facade cladding

Various types of material can be chosen for a stone facade house. To stay on light tones for a white marble facade, you can start with the classic white Carrara marble, Calacatta, up to darker marbles such as Bardiglio Imperiale or Nuvolato. Clearly, if the building is located in an area where there is a strong presence of smog or other atmospheric agents that can stain the surfaces, the advice is to provide for routine maintenance or to choose darker marble, stone or granite cladding. You can start from a travertine facadeor from the various types of Botticino to stay on beige, cream and walnut shades, up to black marbles such as Marquinia.

Carrara marble is one of the best options for a marble house exteriorsince it is a perfect Italian marble for exteriorable to make the building refined and sumptuous thanks to the typical light color that expresses an evergreen elegance.

Depending on the personal taste and the living environment, it is good to choose a marble for outdoor usewith a suitable color. A Travertine facade, for instance, can easily adapt to any context, thanks to the clear and always current color.


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