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Azul Macaubas quartzite is a globally appreciated and known natural stone, above all for its chromatic characteristics, more unique than rare. Its surface, in fact, is adorned with numerous and delicate shades that oscillate between light blue, cyan and indigo. The refined blend of intense bluish hues and the excellent structural characteristics make it perhaps the most precious quartzite that can be found in the world.
Azul Macauba marble comes from Brazil and, specifically, the quarries of this splendid stone product are located near the city of Macaubas (from which it takes its name) in the state of Bahia. Azul Macaubas deposit extends for about thirty kilometres, but it should be said that not all areas are actually minable. Azul Macauba marble is generally available in good quantities, while the blocks extracted in the quarries are medium-small in size.

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Let us now analyze in more detail Azul de Macaubas from a technical point of view. Granito Azul Macaubas is originally a sandstone very rich in quartz which, however, with the passage of time and with the action of heat and pressure, has converted into a rock of a different type or, better to say, a quartzite with very special qualities. Basically, in addition to quartz, Azul Macauba has about 15% dumortierite and therefore, in petrographic terms, Azul Macaubas is defined as a dumortierite quartzite. One of the most important characteristics of Azul Macaubas quartzite is its high hardness and resistance; however, it must also be said that, due to the crystalline composition of this stone, the slabs are also delicate and must be worked with care. Finally, the excellent resistance to atmospheric agents makes Azul Macaubas granite a suitable material also for projects with outdoor installation.

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In any case, beyond the technical peculiarities, it is the color and the various shades that make Azul Macaubas quartzite one of the rarest and most sought-after blue marbles by interior designers. The blue and light blue gradations of its delicate streaks are extraordinary and, thanks to the presence of dumortierite inside it, it is sometimes possible to also find beige or golden veins which further embellish the surface of Azul Macaubas tile.
Azul Macaubas price is generally high; hence Azul Macauba is used in luxury projects such as bathrooms, Azul Macauba countertop or floors with both a glossy and satin finish. As far as outdoor applications are concerned, it is not uncommon to find Azul Macauba in coatings for swimming pools, columns or stairways.

Material: quartzite
Color: Blue
Origin: Brazil
Uses: Coverings, floorings etc.
Surface: Polished, honed, hammered, flamed, chiseled etc.

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