Rosa Bellissimo Marble

rosa bellissimo marble

Rosa bellissimo marble is a highly refined stone with soft colors and used mostly for the creation of works of great elegance and refinement. Rosa bellissimo marble is a natural stone of Greek origin whose mining activity is nowadays mainly located in Turkey. Rosa bellissimo marble is not an easy variety to find, on the contrary, it is a material that lately tends to be in short supply.

Technically, rosa bellissimo marble is a limestone with a light background tending to white and characterized by a medium-fine grain. The white background of rosa bellissimo marble is delicately stained by more or less marked shades ranging from salmon pink to beige and, albeit rarely, to grey. From a structural point of view, rosa bellissimo marble has a rather fragile and glass-like structure. For this reason and for its light and delicate shades as well as its unparalleled pink veins, rosa bellissimo marble is an extremely sought-after material for indoor installations (e.g. floors or wall coverings).

rosa bellissimo slabs for sales

Furthermore, interior designers particularly appreciate applications where it is possible to exploit and highlight the natural transparency of rosa bellissimo marble. This is the reason why rosa bellissimo marble is also used for the creation of works of sacred art, columns, vases and decorative elements. At home, rosa bellissimo marble blends perfectly with the bathroom, especially for the creation of furnishing accessories such as sinks, bathtubs or shower trays in rosa bellissimo marble.

Material: Marble
Color: Pink
Origin: Turkey
Uses: Coverings, floorings etc.
Surface: Polished, honed, hammered, flamed, chiseled etc.

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