Rosa Perlino Marble

rosa perlino marble

Rosa Perlino marble is a high-quality marble of Italian origin with a rather homogeneous color that can range from dark pink to light pink. The difference in tone that the rosa Perlino marble block can have depends essentially on the portion of the quarry from which it is extracted, which can be low or high. Due to the abundant snowfalls that make mining difficult, rosa Perlino marble quarries are generally closed during the cold season. Rosa Perlino marble is a stratiform limestone characterized by a delicate powder pink background and numerous grey veins. Its chromatic characteristics make it perfectly suitable for classic or historical contexts: this is the reason why, in addition to the glossy or polished finish, rosa Perlino marble is often combined with the brushed finish, which gives even more an antiqued appearance to the surface of this wonderful natural stone made in Italy.
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Rosa Perlino marble is mostly used for interior design, namely wall coverings, stairs, floors, worktops and so on. As for the floors in rosa Perlino marble, it should be said that it is very often combined with bianco Perlino marble for the creation of wonderful checkered floors through the use of two-tone tiles. Rosa Perlino marble is also chosen by interior designers to embellish portions of walls or for the creation of various types of decorations such as mosaics, frames or Greek frets.
Finally, in addition to indoor use, rosa Perlino marble can also be installed outdoors, but this architectural choice is only suggested in areas with a mild climate.

Material: Marble
Color: Pink
Origin: Italy
Uses: Coverings, floorings etc.
Surface: Polished, honed, hammered, flamed, chiseled etc.

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