Rosa Portugal Marble

rosa portugal marble

When we talk about Portugal, a country with a wide variety of granites and marbles, the first stone that comes to mind is undoubtedly rosa marble Portugal.
One thing on which most of the experts in the sector agree is that there is no single and defined type of rosa Portugal marble, but rather more shades, colors and types. Despite the importance that rosa marble Portugal has in the stone sector at an international level, from a commercial point of view it is not easy to be able to describe this stone clearly: there is no “typical” sample of rosa marble Portugal and it is almost impossible to show an exemplary image of rosa Portogallo marble due to the many irregularities of colors and shades of the material.

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To better define which of the various types of rosa di Portogallo we are interested in, three technical characteristics are analyzed in particular: the presence or absence of veins, the quantity of veins present and the color of the veins. Consequently, based on the criteria set out above, the following varieties of rosa marble Portugal can be distinguished:

  • Clean rosa Portugal marble: pink background without veins. It turns out to be the rarest and most coveted variety.
  • Rosa marble Portugal with few veins. This is the variety that comes out mostly from the quarries of the Alentejo area: pink background with few brown, green or black veins.
  • Rosa marble Portugal with veins: consistent presence of veins of the same color as the stone.

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Given the different chromatic characteristics of rosa Portugal marble, which depending on the origin and the block can take on very different colors from antique pink to cream, this natural stone is considered particularly versatile and suitable for many applications. The main use of rosa Portogallo is undoubtedly that of interior flooring. Interior designers consider it a marble to combine especially in classic style rooms. However, it is not difficult to find rosa marble Portugal even in environments with a more modern cut. What is certain is that rosa Portogallo marble is able to give great elegance and refinement to any environment in which it is installed.
Finally, there is another typical use of rosa Portugal marble, namely the creation of bathroom furnishings such as wall coverings, washbasins and bathtubs as well as decorative elements or small precious details such as jewels and charms.

Material: Marble
Color: Pink
Origin: Portugal
Uses: Coverings, coverings etc.
Surface: Polished, honed, hammered, flamed, chiseled etc.

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