Marmo Rosa del Garda

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Rosa del Garda marble is an Italian pink marble with white and yellow shades particularly suitable for outdoor applications.
The quarries for the extraction of rosa del Garda marble are located in the Lessini mountains in the province of Verona.
Rosa del Garda marble is a limestone marble characterized by a heterogeneous structure and by the presence of various types of fossils inside. The color of rosa del Garda marble is incredibly refined: a pink background of different light and dark shades stained by onyx and ivory white veins.
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Although this prestigious natural stone is also used for the construction of kitchens and for wall cladding, rosa del Garda marble is mainly used in outdoor contexts: fountains and swimming pools, stairs and windowsills in rosa del Garda marble, just to give a few examples.
In addition to flooring and cladding, rosa del Garda marble is also used as a base for statues and columns or for the creation of monuments.

Material: Marble
Color: Pink
Origin: Italy
Uses: Coverings, floorings etc.
Surface: Polished, honed, hammered, flamed, chiseled etc.

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