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thassos marble

What is Thassos marble? Thassos marble is an extremely fine-grained Greek marble characterized by a crystalline and homogeneous white background, almost devoid of veins. In the sixth century BC Thassos white marble was exported to neighboring countries and used for the construction of temples and buildings as well as for the creation of works of art such as sculptures and monuments. Thassos marble is famous all over the world for being the whitest marble in the world: whether it is true or not, without a shadow of a doubt Thassos marble is the most internationally famous marble with Greek origin. In fact, its demand has grown progressively and is now exported to Europe, the Middle East, Japan and other countries in Asia and North America where it is used for luxury and high-quality projects.

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Thassos marble quarries

Thassos marble owes its name to the island of Thassos, a place where it has been mined since ancient times. There are currently about ten active marble Thassos quarries on the island of Thassos which, contrary to what happens in the rest of Greece where the mining license is managed by the central government, belong to the municipality of the island of Thassos and are managed by the municipal council. Bianco Thassos marble is extracted in good quantities but in general the blocks that are extracted are small in size. In particular luxury projects, the purest Thassos marble slab with the purest color available is required: for this reason, these white Thassos marble slabs are subjected to careful analysis and selection in the quarry.
From a point of view of the mineralogical composition, Thassos marble is mainly composed of dolomite and in a smaller part of calcite. Thassos Greek marble is undoubtedly a durable material with excellent resistance to moisture. The finishes that best highlight the grain and the structure of Thassos marble tile are polishing and sanding.
The almost absolute white color of Thassos white, often defined as “snowy”, is a clear expression of purity and elegance. Due to the presence, albeit rare, of slight impurities and intrusions, Thassos marble slab is classified from the purest (white Thassos marble A1) up to the A4 type and the so-called “commercial” Thassos marble which includes small crystals, dots and holes (while maintaining the characteristic snow-white background).

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Thassos marble in interior design

The chromatic qualities of Thassos marble are able to dazzle any room in which it is placed with an incredible brightness and, at the same time, give space and balance. Due to these unique characteristics, Thassos marble is suitable for covering indoor environments or for creating Thassos marble flooring, stairs and Thassos marble bathroom with both a classic and contemporary cut (given the undisputed versatility of its pure white color).
Although the degree of absorption of Thassos marble is similar to that of other white marbles, it is not recommended to use it for the creation of Thassos marble countertop for kitchens or for other applications where the absorption of acid substances or dirt can affect its delicate whiteness.

Material: Marble
Color: White
Origin: Greece
Uses: Coverings, floorings etc.
Surface: Polished, honed, hammered, flamed, chiseled etc.

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