Sandblasted Marble

The sandblasted marble finish is a stone finish that aims at achieving a natural effect on the marble surface, very close to that obtained by means of marble treatment techniques such as bush hammering and flaming, but with a lower cost and much faster processing times.

How sandblasted marble is obtained

Sandblasted marble is made by hitting the marble surface with a high-pressure jet of silica sand or steel in order to perform a slight abrasion. The flow rate, speed and pressure of the abrasive elements can be calibrated according to the desired final effect on the surface of the sandblasted marble. Another aspect of fundamental importance is the choice of the granulometry of the sand or grit: this choice depends on some factors such as the hardness or other technical characteristics of the stone material to be treated and the degree of rusticity desired. By way of example, the use of stainless abrasive materials is generally preferred on light-colored marble: this is in order to prevent any residues left in the stone, due to oxidation, from giving rise to reddish stains.

After the sandblasted marble finish, the sandblasted marble is often acid etched, i.e. treated with a chemical product that helps to highlight the veins of the stone.

While the sandblasted marble finish can also be performed on thin slabs (with a thickness of less than 3 cm), on the other hand not all marbles are suitable for this stone finish such as particularly soft stones or those with many holes.

Uses of sandblasted marble

Although sandblasted marble can also be used for indoor applications, its rough texture is usually more appreciated for outdoor installations. For interior design, the sandblasted marble finish is more likely to be chosen for engravings or decorations on marble and stone, often combined with the polishing or shining marble finish with the aim of creating an elegant and refined contrast.

Sandblasted marble is mostly used for the construction of outdoor flooring, due to its non-slip qualities. Otherwise, sandblasted marble finish is commonly applied on facades or outdoor claddings.

Lastly, the sandblasted marble finish is also used for the restoration of balconies, cornices or external stone claddings: in fact, this technique allows the marble surface to be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for any subsequent marble finish.

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