Verde Antico Marble

verde antico marble

Verde antico marble, also known as Lapis Lacedaemonius, is a type of marble from Greece which was widely used by the Romans as an ornamental stone especially starting from the Augustan age.

Diabasic andesite is the name of verde antico marble from a petrographic point of view and it is a green stone with the presence of predominantly dark green, white or black clasts. Verde antico marble quarries are located in the Peloponnese in a village called Krokees and from which mainly small blocks are obtained (hardly exceeding one meter): for this reason, even in ancient times, verde antico marble has always been used in the form of tiles, small slabs or columns.

verde antico marble slab for sale

As in ancient times, even today verde antico marble is used as an ornamental stone for the creation of decorative elements or small artefacts: it is possible to realize steps, thresholds, mantelpieces, small tables, frames, mosaics and others decorative objects in verde antico marble. Interior designers often like to combine verde antico marble with marbles of other colors such as white marble or red porphyry (following a typical combination of the late-ancient era).

Material: Marble
Color: Green
Origin: Greece
Uses: Tables, Coverings, Countertops, Floors, Bathroom Products etc
Surface: Polished, honed, hammered, flamed, chiseled etc.

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