Verde Antigua Marble

verde antigua marble

Verde Antigua marble is a very valuable natural stone with a light background tending towards grey, blue and greenish, crossed by thick darker veins which, contrary to what the name would seem to suggest, comes from the Middle East.
To be more precise, Antigua marble is extracted in the marble quarries of Iran and is a rather compact and hard stone material.

Verde Antigua marble is characterized by a sage green background embellished with a complex network of dark green to black but also white veins. Like all green marbles, Antigua marble with its pastel tones is able to evoke the nature’s calmness and harmony and therefore to create relaxing atmospheres. At the same time, the veined pattern of this splendid stone also transmits dynamism and movement, thus capturing the eye and interest of those who observe it.

Often combined with other lighter (beige or white) marbles to highlight its complex design, Antigua marble is included in interior design projects with an elegant and precious trait. The main elements in Verde Antigua marble are floors and wall claddings, also with the possibility of the wonderful open-book installation.

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Material: Marble
Color: Green
Origin: Iran
Uses: Claddings, Floors, Bathroon, Kitchen, Living ecc.
Surface: Polished, honed, hammered, flamed, chiseled etc.

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