Marble Pool, a Dive in Style

marble pool

There are many technical reasons for choosing a marble swimming pool. It is resistant to water and chlorine, it guarantees impermeability and durability, it has excellent resistance to atmospheric agents.
The low absorption of marble as well as its resistance to water, chlorine and humidity makes it perfect for outdoor use. But let’s not beat around the bush: the choice of a marble pool is above all dictated by an aesthetic reason. And this is not a new option at all! Think about the Roman baths, the ancient tubs, the large fountains that embellish the main Italian cities, aren’t they almost all in marble?

Marble pool, a matter of style

white marble swimming pool

The class and elegance that distinguishes a marble pool is something unique. Whether it is a large villa in the countryside or a residence by the sea, the clear contrast between the green of the lawn and the white of the marble with the blue of the water in the pool offers, even at a fleeting glance, a motif of relaxation.
The complete feeling of relaxation offered by taking a dive in a white stone pool during summer has no equal. White stone around pool can have squared edges and modern lines or wavy and rounded ones: resting your hand on the smooth and polished marble slightly warmed by the sun while you’re in the water is the top feeling for those who love swimming pools and have an outdoor space to create it.

black marble swimming pool


Custom marble pools: versatile shapes and colors

marble swimming pool with hydromassage

When we create a bespoke marble pool, we have a wide variety of choices to make: dimensions, colors, finishes and technologies. Among the finishes often adopted for the white marble pool deck there is sandblasting or brushing, a technique that makes it pleasant to the touch and perfectly non-slip even in the presence of some puddles of water on the edge of the marble pool. The natural stone, the precious marble, offers great resistance to water and chlorine and makes it extremely versatile.

travertine tiles for swimming pool
Even the shape of the marble pool can be fully customized; or the colors that can be chosen, from the lightest and most classic ones to the darkest, decisive and alternative ones. And let’s not forget the possibility of creating small marble mosaics or marble swimming pool tiles, both in the center of the pool and on the edge of the pool.

Claddings for marble swimming pools

For complete solutions, it is possible to entirely cover the pool in marble: both the walls, the bottom and the edges. Naturally, the marble that will cover the interior of the marble pool will also be largely responsible for the perceived color of the water. A white marble swimming pool with a stone such as Carrara marble or Calacatta (or a travertine swimming pool), will be able to make the water shine in the brightest shades of blue, accentuating the typical reflections of a clear sky. On the other hand, a dark cladding for the creation of a black marble swimming pool will tend to drastically dampen the classic blue visual effect of the water, obtaining a color tending towards deep dark blue, gray or black, of unusual beauty.

piscina in marmo nero 1




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