Marble pool, a dip into style


There are many technical reasons for choosing to build a marble pool. It is resistant to water and chlorine, it guarantees watertightness and durability, it has an excellent resistance against external atmospheric agents. The low absorption of the marble, the resistance to water, chlorine and humidity make it perfect for outdoor use. Yet, why beating about the bush? The choice of a marble pool is mainly a matter of aesthetics. And this is certainly not a novelty: let’s think of the Roman baths, the ancient baths, the large fountains that adorn the historic centres of the main Italian cities: are they not almost all in marble?

Marble pool, a matter of style

A marble pool stands out for its incredible class and elegance. Whether it is placed in a large villa in the countryside or in a residence by the sea, the clear break between the colours (the green of the garden lawn with the bright white marble and the blue water pool) immediately offers a reason to relax.

marble pool

Marble pools, versatile shapes and colours

Among the solutions often adopted for the marble poolside, the best is probably that of using a sandblasted or brushed marble. This system, besides being pleasant to the touch, is perfectly non-slip even in the presence of puddles of water on the edge of the pool. Natural stone, the precious marble, offers great resistance to water as well as chlorine and is extremely versatile.

marble pool

The possibilities for creating a marble pool are endless: just think of the possible shapes and colours (from the lightest colours, which are more “classic”, to the darkest and “alternative” ones). And not least the possibility of creating small and minimal marble mosaics, both in the centre of the pool and at the poolside.

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