Calacatta Viola marble

calacatta viola marble

Calacatta viola marble is a precious marble violet with a characteristic white and purple color extracted in the quarries located in Carrara and on the Apuan Alps. Calacatta viola is scarce and also for this reason it is characterized by a medium-high price.
Considered one of the most iconic varieties of Calacatta Vagli marble, Calacatta viola has been used since Roman times in buildings and architectural works. Nowadays, Calacatta viola marble is used above all for the creation of interior floors and walls but also for numerous furnishing accessories such as backsplashes, cabinets, tables, etc.

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The chromatic pattern is what makes Calacatta violet marble unique in the world: the creamy white background of this wonderful Italian marble is crossed by an attractive dark purple vein; but this does not appear to be the only possibility. In fact, in some slabs and blocks of Calacatta viola marble it is possible to notice a predominance of purple over white: in these cases, therefore, it is more correct to describe the stone pattern of this material as a burgundy background (the shade recalls Cabernet wine) on which white clasts float. In both versions, Calacatta viola slab texture with its precious purple arabesques turns out to be a material with a high aesthetic impact.
Sometimes, this Italian excellence has shades tending towards pink or gold, making this material even more characteristic and unique.
Calacatta viola, like Calacatta Vagli rosato marble, also lends itself very much to bookmatched type installation.
Among the most typical elements and design objects that can be realized with Calacatta viola there is:

  • Calacatta viola marble slab flooring
  • Calacatta viola kitchen countertop
  • Calacatta Vagli kitchen backsplash
  • Calacatta viola table
  • Calacatta viola coffee table
  • Calacatta viola tiles bathroom
  • Viola Calacatta shower tray

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Material: Marble
Color: Purple
Origin: Italy
Uses: Coverings, Floor, etc
Surface: Polished, honed, brushed, etc

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