Rectangular and Modern Wall Mounted Sink in white Carrara Marble - Onda

Designer: Tiziano Giannessi
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Onda is the first marble sink with rectangular shape in our collection.

Onda marble sink is designed to give a touch of elegance and balance to your bathroom. The rectangular shape and squared lines are well suited to furnish any type of bathroom. The design of this sink plays on the contrast between the perpendicular lines, perfectly orthogonal, and the delicacy of the small wave that with a slight slope forms the water collection cavity of the wash basin. The drain hole is covered by an elegant marble drain, shaped like a river stone, to recall the natural world that inspired the design of our marble sink.

Marble contributes to making your furnishing accessory unique since each sink will inevitably be different from the other due to the veining of the material that changes according to the block extracted from the quarry. If combined in contrast to the colours of the wall, such as grey for the wall and a light colour (e.g. cream) for the marble sink, your new furnishing accessory will immediately become the main element of your bathroom. If you need advice or a consultation regarding interior design or a custom-made furnishing project where you will be supported to 360 degrees, take a look at the Bespoke section of our site.

We design, build and install marble furnishing for private homes and luxury hotels all around the world. Onda, like all our marble sinks of our collection, is a monolithic product made by modelling a single block of marble, without resorting to joints or gluing. This type of processing ennobles the product and places it in the high-end of luxury furnishings, designed for the most demanding customers who look for the highest quality. This marble wash basin can be placed on a supporting top or mounted directly on the wall using two or more brackets.

marble sink onda

Lightweight marble sink

Onda sink, like other products of our luxury bathroom furnishings collection, is very light compared to a common sink because it is made using our patented technology, which allows us to realize products three to five times lighter than a similar traditional product. At the same size, some of our products even have a similar, if not lower, weight to likewise ceramic products.

Our lightweight marble allows us to realize an easier manageable product that is easier to manage, with consequent savings on transport and installation. Furthermore, our marble sinks can be often positioned on ordinary supporting tops without the need to resort to reinforcements. Simply consider that some products in our collection use a glass countertop. Unbelievable enough, some of our marble sinks, if immersed in water, even float!

This peculiar lightness technique makes the wash basins suitable even for installation on luxury boats and in other contexts where a lightweight object is required.

Wall mounted marble sink

Our Onda marble sink can be mounted directly on the wall without a supporting top. This is possible thanks to two or more retractable stainless steel pin that support the sink enhancing at a glance the shapes and lightness of this furnishing accessory.

Countertop marble sink

Onda can be perfectly positioned on a supporting surface, allowing you to perfectly maintain the elegance of the marble. A different structure is not necessary compared to any supporting top able to bear a common ceramic washbasin.

Custom made marble sink

Our marble sink is sold regularly in 4 different standard lengths, to fit any type of bathroom: 120 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm and 210 cm. If the standard versions do not perfectly fit your needs, we can create a completely customized version.

Marbles available for our bathroom furnishing products

Our bathroom furnishings collections are designed to be made with a selection of marbles personally chosen by our designers. First of all, the White Carrara Marble, typical of the homonymous area, ranging from white to greyish, depending on the quarry from which it is extracted. It was the marble preferred by great sculptors such as Michelangelo and Canova, who used a variant with a completely white background and an almost absent veining, which takes the name of statuary marble.

Another clear basic marble with which we make our products is Calacatta Caldia®. Also this variety comes from the Carrara quarries in the Apuan Alps and has a greyish white background with delicate sea green veins.

For what concerns grey colours, we selected Bardiglio Nuvolato marble: another Italian marble, from the Apuan Alps area in Tuscany. The Bardiglio Nuvolato marble slab has a varied background of grey base, with light grey, dark grey and white veins.

By adding a touch of pale yellow to the inside of our colour palette we find the Cremaluna® marble; an extremely elegant French marble, with a light beige or pale yellow background, characterized by a cloudy heterogeneous background with darker veins.

The Rosso Collemandina marble has a red base, interrupted by grey-white veins. Originally from Garfagnana, in the Province of Lucca, it is a very elegant marble.

The last material of our selection is the Onyx Arco Iris, a precious material in which cloudy veins of different colours coexist, ranging from red to yellow and honey-coloured on a cream background. This material lends itself perfectly to backlit installations and objects by making the interior spaces luxurious and elegant.

Of course, in addition to our selection of materials, we can make sinks with other types of marble and stone upon customer’s request.

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