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Villa Aquamaris in Bora Bora

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With daily national and international flight service, Bora Bora is an easy-to-reach destination from all around the world and a 45-min flight from Tahiti.
Only 15 min away from the airport, the villa is accessible by boat through two private boat landing areas.
Bora Bora is a South Pacific islandnear Tahiti – French Polynesia.
Villa Aquamaris is located in the eastern partof Bora Bora in the city of Anau on Motu Roa.
The natural site offers a variety of landscapesand ambiances in a protected natural area.
With a unique topography and location, the island offers diverse and preserved landscapes, ranging from paradisiac white sand, beaches to turquoise water and lush tropical slopes. With Mount Otemanu at its core, Bora Bora is surrounded by a stunning lagoon displaying infinite shades of blue.

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Motu Roa

The motu (coral islet) is located in an exceptionally rich and preserved area of Bora Bora. Nested between the lagoon and the ocean, the property has all the character of idyllic Polynesian islands: colors are vivid and nature is lush and abundant -both on the ground and underwater.
Arriving from the lagoon, the dreamlike white sand beach is surrounded by coconut trees and tropical vegetation. Coral sand pathways run all along the property to give access to the villa and all the equipments.
Progressing further in the coconut grove, the vegetation evolves and becomes very soft and welcoming. Characteristic motu trees (Pandanus, Frangipani, Aito) bring freshness and tranquility to the center of the plot.
While progressing further towards the ocean, the vegetation becomes scarcer and leads to the grandiose spectacle of the waves breaking onto the reef barrier. The neighboring island of Taha’a can be seen in the background.

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Villa Aquamaris

Aquamaris is an ode to water and the ocean. At the crossroads of the lagoon and the open sea, the villa has been designed in a mindset of constant interaction with water. The unique character and strong identity of the architecture makes it a one-of-a-kind ultra-luxury residence in Polynesia.
At your arrival at the motu by a private waterway, you will be struck by the beauty and richness of the aquatic life.
All indoor spaces give breathtaking views on the lagoon and Bora Bora. They offer luxurious features such as a monumental seawater aquarium, a coral garden as well as an incredibly rich vegetation.
A sober and elegant architectural style brings serenity and relaxation, featuring large and airy rooms with precious woods and noble materials. The building is based on a coral stone, creating a seamless integration in the scenery. The wooden superstructure is a reference to the surrounding nature.
The villa offers a haven of peace and beauty like nowhere else on the globe.

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Tropical Landscape

Landscaping on the property has been carefully crafted, respecting the existing nature. The location of the different buildings and equipment has been designed to preserve all the remarkable tree specimens present on the land. The entire project has been conceived in order to have a minimal impact on local biodiversity.
The private waterway has been planted with Naupata – a local plant that enhances biodiversity in the lagoon and brings freshness and greenery to the swimming area.
A simple water piping system has been created in order to bring fresh living water directly from the ocean into the lagoon as well as the aquarium and indoor pool.
On the dreamy white sand beach, you and your guests can unwind and enjoy a cocktail at the Fare Lagon and share a moment of conviviality.
The numerous pathways in the private garden offer several opportunities to enjoy nature and contemplate the remarkable site.
Eventually reaching the ocean’s side, the perpetual movement of the waves breaking onto the reef invites you for meditation and contemplation.

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Authentic luxury

The entrance to the villa is made through a suspended pontoon, which evokes the antic charm of lacustrian towns.
A few steps lead to the first level of the villa where a grandiose living room opens to a spectacular view on the
infinity pool and Jacuzzi, overlooking the rest of the garden, the coconut grove and finally the lagoon and Bora Bora.
A first terrace offers an appreciated shaded outdoor reception space.
On both sides of the living room, you will find access to the luxurious suites of the villa. They all offer stunning views of the sea and Mount
Otemanu as well as intimate private gardens and outdoor baths.
At the same level you will find the heart of the villa: a monumental seawater aquarium displaying the most spectacular and colorful tropical fishes. The aquarium can be enjoyed from the indoor lounge and from outside the villa through glass walls and a glass walkway.
At the swimming pool, you can unwind and sip on your favorite drink from the bar or enjoy the idyllic scenery from the Jacuzzi.
Modernity and authenticity rejoin with a revisited traditional architecture, transporting the guests in a world of elegance, comfort and authentic refinement

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The Royal Suite

The upper floor of the villa is a very special and private area.
The Royal suite is the largest: an intimate space perched up in the coconut treetops, offering the widest and most grandiose views. The wooden framing, precious woods
and natural materials confer a strong charm to the interior. Inside, the bedroom and the private living room are facing the lagoon and Mount Otemanu. The bathroom is facing the ocean, with a minimalistic design and a central bath.

Outside, a vast terrace offers a private space, which is perfect for sunbathing. The outdoor lounge is hidden in a suspended
garden, which provides shading and natural freshness, as well as colorful flowers for the pleasure of the eyes.

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Infinity pool

The infinity pool is like a scintillating mirror of the sky and the sea. It creates a sensation of freedom, overlooking the coconut grove and the lagoon. A glass wall inside the pool bolsters this feeling of openness and infinity. The Jacuzzi completes the call for relaxation and enjoyment. Sober and refined architecture gives way to the appreciation of natural beauty

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