Carrara White Marble Bathroom

Custom white marble bathroom

A Carrara white marble bathroom is an undisputed symbol of luxury, brightness, but also of timeless style and architectural skill. As a matter of fact, realizing a toilet, customized or created as a totally new project, is a demonstration of great craftsmanship and technical-stylistic skills that only a few Italian Companies can still boast of.

Our company can prove to be so talented, a point of reference for those seeking uniqueness, class, but also functionality, practicality, modernity and great durability.

As can be seen in this project, the bathroom white marble is the real protagonist. In fact, it becomes not only a wall cladding but an integral part of the project and of the bathroom.
It unwinds to form handles, profiles, the structures of the bathtub, the various accessories and the whole white marble bathroom seems to be born like a sculpture of the past from a single continuous slab of original and pure Carrara marble.

A black or white marble bathroom is synonymous with the highest quality and allows you to make real all the features that a bathroom with a capital “B” must have. It will be welcoming, beautiful, characterized by a relaxing and soothing atmosphere, durable, resistant, functional, bright and hygienic.

Marble can be easily cut to size, creating personalized and coordinated furnishings in all details. The Carrera white marble bathroom is a true dream that can come true.
It is in fact a noble material with unique characteristics, versatile and timeless, with multiple stylistic and design possibilities both for furniture and for architecture.

In this project, the rationality and general uniformity of the room is given by an extremely careful study of all the details. All the design choices have been aimed at creating and conceiving a Carrara white marble bathroom characterized by an almost perfect continuity of the cladding material.

For the same reason, the marble radiator was hollowed out and a thermal glass was housed inside it so that the uniformity of the wall was not compromised with the installation of a conventional metal radiator.
The furniture doors of the white marble bathroom vanity are made of lightened marble and reinforced with honeycomb panels.

White Marble Bathroom Ideas

Custom white marble bathroom

In order to furnish the bathroom in a functional and beautiful way the possible white marble bathroom ideas are endless. By wisely use the intrinsic characteristics of the material itself, its aesthetic aspect will make the bathroom truly unmistakable.

Obviously, to do this, it is essential to entrust the project to specialized Companies like ours which, as regards bespoke interior design, offers a high-end design service and production of the highest quality.

As far as furnishing products are concerned, our strength is the unconventional style and the patented technique thanks to which we can reduce the weight of marble products by up to 65%.
Currently our product lines include white marble bathroom accessories such as bathtubs, sinks, shower bases, mirrors, floors, coverings but also billiards in marble, onyx and different types of stones. But our white marble bathroom ideas are infinite and we normally create also completely customized and beautiful white marble bathrooms and interiors, also with products different from those present in our standard lines of furniture.

For example, a marble and wood bathroom can be created by combining more natural materials and thus achieving a green and very relaxing allure to the eye, reminiscent of the most avant-garde spas.

You can simply create an all white marble bathroom in white Carrara marble totally tone on tone or, on the contrary, enhancing it and making it more dynamic thanks to the insertion of details in different materials such as particular tap elements or with the use of marble inlays on the walls or floors.

By taking advantage of the marble and other natural raw materials available, the toilet can become perfectly in line with the favorite furnishing style (e.g. modern, minimal, but also vintage, eclectic, ethnic, industrial or Nordic), depending on the taste of the Customer.

White Marble Bathroom Shower

modern shower base in Carrara marble

A Carrara white marble bathroom shower is capable of literally leaving you breathless. This noble, very bright, superb and luxurious material makes this white marble bathroom corner hyper functional and noteworthy.

Thanks to the numerous customization possibilities, you can choose to design and install just a Carrara white marble shower base and combine it with a traditional ceramic cladding. Alternatively, covered some corners of the room with specific tapestries for the bathroom, or simply combine details in wood, stone, onyx or other similar natural elements of rare beauty and value.

Finally, if conceived in white Carrera marble, even just the cladding of the white marble bathroom shower or of the entire bathroom can give the whole room the refined allure of a real spa.

White Marble Bathtub

white marble bathtub

Even the Carrara white marble bathtub can make the difference in a toilet, regardless its size and style.

In addition to the bathtubs available in our product line, we make custom-made white marble bathtubs of any shape and size, also equipped with hydro-massage systems or, as in the case of this project white marble bathtub, with heating systems to improve comfort.

This tank is in fact made of marble assembled with special glasses which function as resistances that heat the stone surface, so as to keep the water temperature constant.

It is possible to create an entire bathtub in white marble in every detail, thus creating a completely personalized and tailor-made space, based on your needs and aesthetic tastes.

This fundamental piece of the bathroom, often forgotten in favor of the more practical white marble bathroom shower, will become the undisputed protagonist choice of the room or, on the contrary, a well integrated and almost hidden element.

elegant bathtub in Carrara marble

In fact, as also indicated by the project, the latter option is possible thanks to a massive presence of Carrara marble that will make up the entire white marble bathroom and thanks to a design that visually integrates each piece of furniture.

The white marble bathtub and the other elements will seem a whole but, at the same time, they will give brightness and breath to the project, without precluding its maximum practicality.

Finally, the white marble bathtub will have a price that will fall within the budget that has been set because our Company works side by side with the Customer, involving him/her in the various choices and always satisfying his needs at best, often exceeding the expectations.

White Marble Sink

white marble sink and cladding

The white marble sink is one of the elements that most distinguishes the style of the bathroom.

Whether in a hyper modern or, on the contrary, in a classic/vintage environment, the white marble sink could be the ideal choice that adapts to different styles.

The white Carrara marble sink is undoubtedly an essential component of a refined bathroom and, depending on the shape and design, it can perfectly fit into the rest of the furnishings.

realization of marble sink in carrara marble

An excellent example can be seen in the Carrara white marble bathroom we created and described on this page.
In particular, here the profiles are extremely clean, refined, minimal and the typical veins of the material are the only element which gives dynamism to the accessory.

It is also possible to use a white marble sink to be inserted on a top made of wood, stone, onyx or other material to characterize it in a different way.

The possibilities are endless and, thanks to our team of designers and carvers, Carrara bathroom white marble or other types of stones can really make it possible to create the bathroom of your dreams.

White Marble Tile Bathroom

The white marble tile bathroom is the most chosen element by Customers who are looking for classy toilets, able to withstand trends and to have a luxurious mood.

This can be mitigated thanks to the choice of the various bathroom fixtures, other details regarding the furniture, the interiors and the distribution structure. The white marble bathroom cladding is ideal for both large and small rooms because they will give great brightness and can match the most varied furnishing styles, harmonizing with the most different shades and materials and also with the most varied shapes.

The white marble bathroom cladding is perfect on all the walls of the toilet, or can be optionally used only for the shower box, the sink, the floor or the sanitary ware.

Even in this case the white marble together with the ability of our professionals allows the realization of your own bathroom with white marble tile as well as of any project of even the most demanding Customers, thanks to the precious advice and high skills of an heterogeneous and experienced team.

Carrara White Marble Bathroom Floor

Carrara white marble bathroom floor is also considered a wall cladding and the same peculiarities expressed in the previous paragraphs apply to this category as well.

However, it is right to add that a bathroom with white marble floor will give the most diverse rooms and bathrooms that touch of class and luster that will never do any harm and will make them able to resist any trend change forever.

These coverings are iconic, very elegant, precious and can be combined with any furnishing style, configuring the perfect setting to highlight the Customer’s tastes.

Just look at the bathroom example that we have created in this project to get an idea of the aesthetic and emotional aspect of the Carrara white marble bathroom floor: thanks to its peculiar veins, the floor presents itself with always unique and inimitable shades and textures.

For more information without obligation do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to show you other projects, examples and prepare ad hoc quotations.
making of white marble bathtub

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