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Biancone marble, known above all with the name of white Perlino marble or with the name of Biancone Asiago marble, is a product of excellence in the Italian stone field characterized by a predominantly homogeneous background with a scale of shades that can go from ice white to a warmer white.
Biancone marble is extracted in the area of ​​the Venetian Pre-Alps, more precisely in the Asiago Plateau in the province of Vicenza (which is why it is also named Vicenza Biancone marble), and is available in large quantities. The blocks of Biancone marble can be cut in the pitch or in the counter pitch if you want to further enhance its straight veins.

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Biancone is technically a sedimentary stone with regular stratification and with the presence of microfossils and other impurities that give it a naturally rustic appearance. Another typical feature of biancone marble are micro-cracks and minute abrasions on the surface which can also be enhanced by means of some finishes, for example brushed or sandblasted biancone marble. Despite its appearance covered by these veins similar to microfractures, biancone marble is a very resistant material and is therefore used to a greater extent in outdoor environments.
As mentioned at the beginning, the color of biancone marble can range from ice to more opaque shades such as milky white and then end up with ivory and light beige. This gradual difference in color depends on the height at which the blocks are extracted in the quarry: the final result is that each block of biancone marble is in fact distinguished by an absolutely unique shade.
Characterized by an indisputable elegance and a pleasantly antique character, biancone marble is a feather in the cap of made in Italy and is used nationally and internationally above all for the creation of fine floors able to make the environment in which is warm and welcoming (the checkered floor in biancone marble and red Perlino marble is much appreciated). Finally, in order to enhance the beauty and style of this stone, the experts say not to opt for polished biancone marble as much as for antiqued biancone marble.

Material: Marble
Color: White
Origin: Italy
Uses: Coverings, floorings etc.
Surface: Polished, honed, hammered, flamed, chiseled etc.

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