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Rosso Levanto marble, or simply Rosso Levanto, is a variety of Italian marble with a red-purple color already used by the Romans for the construction of columns, floors and walls. The background of this stone is characterized by a predominantly reddish pigmentation, due to the presence of iron oxides, on which a striking and dense interweaving of glossy white veins stands out.

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This variety of red marble is extracted in Liguria, mainly in the municipality of Levanto, from which it takes its name, and in the neighboring municipalities of the coast of La Spezia including Framura, Bonassola, Montaretto and Deiva Marina.
Its peculiar chromatic appearance, as well as its durability and polishability, have made it a famous material since ancient times, so much so that some Etruscan funerary artifacts made of red Levanto marble have even been found.

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Characteristics of Rosso Levanto

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Rosso Levanto marble is a type of brecciated, polychrome and stained ornamental stone. There are mainly two product varieties of rosso Levanto red marble: one in which red is the dominant color, with sparse green spots and white streaks, and one in which there is a mixed presence of red and green spots with white veins.
These rocks have been used since ancient times for ornamental purposes both for their chromatic characteristics and for their easy workability and polishing.
Outside, it is used in its natural state to embellish parks and gardens with monoliths, wall stones and pebbles. In particular, irregularly shaped natural wall stones are often used for the decoration of ponds, flower beds and fountains.

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However, both in the past and in modern times, rosso di Levanto marble has been mainly used for interior cladding, since the atmospheric agents could cause over time a chemical dissolution of some minerals of which it is composed.
Thanks to its beautiful contrast of colors from deep red, with some green shades and delicate bright white streaks, Levanto marble is able to elegantly bring out the warmth of the house, making it an enchanting space with an irresistible charm. Thanks to rosso Levanto marble, the details of your home will be enhanced and will not go unnoticed.
Although in interior design it is considered ideal for the creation of floors, thresholds, columns and stairs, rosso Levanto marble acquires an incredible brilliance when polished: this is the reason why this ornamental stone is particularly appreciated for bathroom furniture elements such as wall coverings, bathtubs, sinks, shower trays and floors.

Red Bathtub and Red Sink

rosso lepanto marble bathtub

The characteristics of shininess and brilliance of this stone make it a particularly suitable material for the creation of design elements for your red bathroom such as a red bathtub, a red sink or a shower tray.
A red bathtub in rosso Levanto marble is able to highlight this material in a particular way thanks to the chromatic contrast which is created between the outside of the bathtub red and the inside of the bathtub. Another possibility is to have a completely red marble bathtub and accentuate the contrast of colors by choosing a furniture in which there is a predominance of white: using both white marble and other light-colored stones.
Another very interesting element, if made of marble rosso Levanto, is the red sink. Also in this case it is possible to create a totally red sink, perhaps with metal taps and fittings with a glossy or satin finish; alternatively, it is possible to create a greater contrast of colors by combining a red sink with a white marble top or, vice versa, a sink in light materials (stone or ceramic) on a rosso Levanto marble slab.

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Rosso Levanto Marble Origin

Both due to the fragile environmental conditions of the places of rosso Levanto marble origin and due to the introduction on the market of similar lithotypes such as rosso Lepanto, the extraction of red Levanto marble is very limited. In fact, rosso Lepanto is a brecciated Turkish marble very similar to rosso Levanto but extracted in Turkey. Therefore, despite the close similarity from a chromatic and motif point of view, rosso Lepanto is a different product from rosso Levanto. But then what is the reason why the name of this stone is rosso Lepanto if Lepanto is found in Greece and not in Turkey? Well, for marketing reasons it seems that this marble was called in this way, albeit erroneously, due to assonance with Levanto: so much so that today the two terms rosso Lepanto and rosso Levanto are used almost as synonyms. In reality, as mentioned above, there are few quarries left in Levanto and most of the red marble marketed is Turkish.

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Rosso Levanto Marble Quarry

Finding a rosso Levanto marble quarry is not an easy thing. In fact, the few quarries of rosso Levanto marble are concentrated on the coast of La Spezia and in particular in the area of Levanto and its surroundings. Although the extraction of this splendid red marble is still active and the material is available on the market, as previously said, it is increasingly rare and not only one rosso Levanto marble quarry but many of them have been closed in recent decades. This is one of the main reasons why much of the red marble marketed comes from Turkey. On the other hand, in light of these characteristics of rarity and unavailability, marble rosso Levanto represents, together with Portoro, one of the most precious and appreciated Italian marbles for luxury interior coverings. Rosso Levanto marble price depends not only on the quality of the block but also on the quarry and the site of origin. The mining activity inside a rosso Levanto marble quarry gives rise to various products such as large blocks, shapeless blocks (especially for sculptures), monoliths, irregularly shaped wall stones and pebbles.


Material: Marble
Color: Red
Origin: Italy
Uses: Coverings, floorings etc.
Surface: Polished, honed, hammered, flamed, chiseled etc.

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