Marble Stairs. Suggestions for elegant houses

Marble Stairs - Suggestions for elegant houses

Using marble for stairs means choosing a material with an intrinsic strength, beauty and brilliance that only a stone with its history can possess: a primordial and wonderful story that is revealed through its colors and its many veins and it is even enhanced by the passage of time. We offer the most precious marbles and stones and we transform them in the marble stairs of your dreams for any type of design requirement, always characterized by the taste of a made in Italy product, appreciated throughout the world.

white carrara marble indoor stair

Indoor Marble Stairs

Indoor marble stairs respond to functional needs but, undoubtedly, they are a piece of furniture that must fit into an architectural context, following its style and exalting it. For this reason, the utmost attention must be paid to the realization of indoor staircases, thing that our staff know how to do with competence and professionalism, supporting the Customer from the beginning to the end of the design project.

Indoor marble stair

Relizzazioni in marmo Dedalo Stone

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Outdoor Marble Stairs

Even outdoor marble stairs must conform to the context with a line appropriate to the style in which they are inserted. Since veins tend on the long run to make the water penetrate and therefore to deteriorate the entire marble staircase, compact marbles without veins are preferred for the realization of outdoor stairs. For outdoor marbles, choosing a finish or an anti-slip treatment will ensure greater safety. If you choose a porous material, the advice is to fill it or protect it with resin to even out the surface and to avoid infiltration and stagnation of water and dirt.

Marble, Stones, Travertine and Granite for indoor and outdoor stairs

There are many marbles used to make stairs (white marble, biancone marble, Travertine, Botticino, Giallo Siena,  Portoro, Giallo Reale, Rosso Verona, Rosso Francia, Travertino Rosso Persiano and Nero Marquinia) but Carrara marbles due to their undeniable elegance, durability and refinement are among the most sought after both for indoor and outdoor stairs. Travertine Stairs are widely used to furnish interiors: both varieties lend themselves to both classical and modern interpretations as can be seen in the pictures.

Modern Travertine Stair

Types of Stairs and Steps

Marble staircases can have various shapes: straight, spiral, helical, cantilever with open riser, etc., in classic or ultra-modern style, finished with classic railings or illuminated by LEDs along the base. They can be small stairs to access the upper floors of a house or monumental staircases for super villas or hotels. The steps that make up the staircase can have various types of finishes to be applied to stair treads and risers that characterize its style.

marble steps for stairs
A lath applied to the step embellishes the whole staircase. The embellished and rounded lines are the most suitable for a classic style, the most simple and linear ones for a modern style. In contemporary settings, total white marble stairs are currently in vogue, where the staircase blends in with the furnishings and walls.
The types of marble and stone steps can be made in the same various shapes offered for other materials such as wood.

Types of stairs and steps

The most common shapes are:
1. Bullnose step: tread with all-round bevel.
2. Bird’s beak step: with rounded edge.
3. Step with oblique riser (off-axis).
4. Step with 45° riser: modern option that allows any marble grain to continue harmoniously between riser and tread.
5. Cantilever or wall-mounted step: one of the most linear and modern solutions.
6. Hand-blunted step: irregular finish for very rustic contexts.

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Production of Custom Marble Stairs and installation

Our experts competently evaluate the best solution for types of stairs; once the architectural shape of the staircase has been decided, the surveys, the production phase and the commissioning will be carried out on the construction site. If everything proceeds according to the project, we provide packaging, shipping and installation on the destination site. Possible treatments will follow and finally the cleaning of the site, all performed by specialized personnel.

Travertine stairs

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