Pinta Verde Marble

pinta verde marble

Pinta Verde marble is a Brazilian marble characterized by extraordinary chromatic peculiarities: its crystalline white background adorned with light aqua green veins make this natural stone unique and perfect for giving rooms a relaxing mood.

Pinta Verde marble is quarried in the state of Espirito Santo in Brazil. Specifically, it is a crystalline marble that is easily workable and therefore adaptable to any finish: from polishing to bushhammering or sandblasting.
The structure of Brazilian Pinta Verde marble is elegantly nuanced: this marble has a white and sometimes beige background enriched by cloudings, veins and sometimes intrusions of aqua green color but also by other soft shades of green.

pinta verde marble slabs for sale

The decidedly unique color pattern of Pinta Verde marble is at the same time extremely versatile, always within prestigious projects or with the aim of enhancing a specific space. Brazilian Pinta Verde marble is perfect for interior coverings and in particular for bathrooms (for example, sinks or shower trays can be created in Pinta Verde marble) and kitchens (such as countertops in Pinta Verde marble).
Finally, floors or stairs can be made in Pinta Verde marble, which can be installed both in classic spaces and in rooms with a more modern character.

Material: Marble
Color: Green
Origin: Brazil
Uses: Claddings, Floors, Bathroon, Kitchen, Living ecc.
Surface: Polished, honed, hammered, flamed, chiseled etc.

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