Pakistan Green Onyx

Pakistan green onyx is an extremely elegant precious limestone material that is extracted in Pakistan, mainly in the territory included in Baluchistan. Pakistan green onyx has a light green color, with even lighter veins, both tone on tone and tending towards white. Like all onyx, Pakistan green onyx is an interesting translucent material that allows a great passage of light. For this reason, Pakistan green onyx is particularly suitable for being backlit, creating plays of shapes, lights and colors that make a wall unique. It can also be used for floors, coverings, bathroom and kitchen tops, tables and bathroom furniture.

Limestone onyx, also called alabaster or alabastrite (not to be confused with alabaster of chalky origin), is a rock formed by calcium compounds. Its appearance dominated by streaks of different colors makes it a unique and precious material. There are various types of Pakistan green onyx that have different commercial names based on the extraction quarry or retailer.

Material: Onyx
Color: Green
Origin: Pakistan
Uses: Claddings, Floors, Bathroon, Kitchen, Living ecc.
Surface: Polished, honed, hammered, flamed, chiseled etc.

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