Indoor marble flooring: how to choose the stone and the finishes

indoor marble flooring how to choose the stone and the finishes

Indoor marble flooring is the ideal solution for those looking for uniqueness, refinement and value, but also great aesthetic impact. This noble and timeless material is perfect for completing a home or business environment and giving elegance without sacrificing versatility. In fact, marble floor tiles, available in infinite essences, colors and types, are perfect both to define modern spaces and to emphasize a vintage or period-style environment.

Let’s find out how to choose the perfect stone for marble flooring and how to best match it with the furniture thanks to the advice of Dedalo Stone experts.

How to choose the color of indoor marble flooring

One of the main dogmas to create stylistically perfect rooms with marble floor tiles is to create an ad hoc design harmony. It will be enough to take advantage of the right nuances of furniture, walls and accessories and mix them with the typical marble shades which can properly match. Furthermore, it will be essential the choice of a marble suitable for the room of interest for its conformity and quality.

There are various currents of thought but we mainly opt for the use of a marble flooring for interiors with veins and background colors similar to those of walls and furniture: perfect idea for bathrooms or small rooms, so that the brightness of the white marble flooring can make the whole room more airy.

On the contrary, there are those who use furnishings with the opposite color to that of the indoor marble floor design: in this way the eye will be attracted by both elements and the whole will be more dynamic. Not only that, in doing so the marble flooring will be enhanced and the same is true when very articulated floor compositions are preferred, with rich textures and decorations.

In these project, the right compromise is reached with a furnishing realized with one or two shades of marble.

White marble flooring for interiors

white marble flooring for interiors

There are so many marbles floor tiles and only a leading company in the field like Dedalo Stone can always give you the right advice.

In any case, among the trendiest and most attractive proposals, the light-colored or the white marble floor tiles stand out, ideal for large rooms but also and above all for small ones because they will give greater brightness.

With these floors you can furnish rooms in Nordic, traditional, vintage and period style but also modern and minimal, given the extreme versatility of white marble flooring.

Moreover, marble floor tiles for interiors with whitish shades are perfect if associated with light or dark parquet elements (e.g. a marble and wood floor) and also with furniture made with these wood essences.

Among the most beautiful and ideal light-colored solutions we suggest an austere and pure Carrara marble floor, the Calacatta, furrowed by particular veins on the gray, or the Statuario and Statuarietto, with more marked and dense gray veins for astonishing grey marble flooring. White marble flooring is a must have also combined with black, steel, furniture that combines elements in raw wood and colored pastel shades that never go out of fashion.

Discover our luxury marble furniture or create your own tailor-made project.

Beige marble flooring

beige marble flooring travertine

Beige marble flooring is an equally versatile material for interiors: another neutral and warm nuance, easy to combine. Among the ideal types we recommend Travertine, very refined and slightly pigmented by lighter and darker brown elements, and Botticino, decidedly more intense as a chromatic base and also studded with particular veins.

Finally, we also mention the Crema Luna marble, very welcoming and pigmented in a more uniform and less decisive way, it is another beige marble flooring that best match country, rustic, but also hyper modern or industrial rooms. These marbles will look good when paired with solid dark wood furnishings, bathroom ceramics in Champagne shades or, on the contrary, black or gray in the “matt” version.

Dark marble floor

Finally, even a dark marble floor do justice to the most diverse rooms and, above all, it will be synonymous with extreme luxury and rigor.

Among the types to be preferred we mention Bardiglio, typically greyish but also tending to a blue marble floor tile with light linear streaks; Bardiglio Nuvolato which has more homogeneous and dense shades; for a black marble floor how not to mention Nero Marquinia with a very dark background and with linear white and light-colored streaks, more marked and abstract, depending on the cut and on the slab (e.g. for a black and white marble floor).

And again, the Belgian Black, typically a homogeneous and total black marble floor tile, the Slate, equally homogeneous of warm dark gray color, the Grigio Carnico, a gray marble floor tile with decisive shades and with lighter, thicker and more marked veins: also these varieties are decidedly spectacular. Finally, Portoro, with a black background mottled with gold-beige tones.

This black and gold Italian marble flooring is ideal in combination with gold and pendant furnishings or accessories.

In general, dark or grey marble flooring goes well with light shades to create a balanced and dynamic contrast. Materials such as steel are also suggested and can be combined without hesitation and the same goes for furniture painted or treated with lacquered plastic paints.

Interior tiles and slabs. What size to choose?

Marble flooring must always be chosen with care and, based on its type and origin, the ad hoc size of the cut can also be decided. In fact, there are endless possibilities.

In general, marble floor tiles can have both small, medium-large dimensions and, sometimes, entire marble slabs can also be used. We have been dealing with furniture and luxury interior projects for entire generations; marble, onyx and stones are the undisputed protagonists of our projects, in which we offer a service ranging from the choice of slabs to their processing, test assembly in the company, shipping and installation.

It is possible to choose among the best marble floor tiles in order to find the one with the color point, or with the grain, that will best match the taste and style of furniture preferred by the Customer. One of the latest trends involves almost imperceptible joints of the marble floor tiles or slabs so as to make the marble flooring even more homogeneous: the result is the impression of having an endless, unique and luxurious floor.

This can be achieved by using a rectified cut of the tiles or slabs, or by cutting them perfectly at 90° so that the rounded edges typical of old ceramic tiles are not created.

Inlaid marble flooring

inlaid marble flooring

Inlaid marble flooring is highly scenographic, customizable at the highest levels and perfect for the marble flooring of period or ultra-luxurious villas. Our craftsmen create very refined and suggestive inlaid marble floor tiles of rare beauty and undisputed value, also capable of considerably increasing the value of the property in which they are installed.

The marble inlays can also be extremely complex and give a noteworthy, unmistakable and modular impact to the space according to your needs and taste.

Relizzazioni in marmo Dedalo Stone

Contact us for quotes on marble or to create a tailor-made project.

Open book marble flooring

open book marble flooring

Finally, we mention the open-book marble flooring, a typical construction requested by the most demanding customers, capable of giving a glance with a strong impact to the room.

The marble milling procedure called “open book” is a very particular technique that gives unique and visually magnetic textures and that involves the use of particularly veined marbles. The final effect of the processing causes the streaks and veins of the marble to chase each other along the surface in a specular way, creating a continuity of shapes.

A very popular application of this type of installation is found in the shower cladding, in the marble shower floor or in the marble bathroom floor.

The finishes of the marble flooring

What makes the difference among the various types of marble flooring is not only their type but also their treatment, finish or the processing of the surface. The marble flooring cost obviously changes also according to the type of processing it has been subjected to. The most requested processing allows the creation of polished, brushed and sawn marble floors. Let’s see in detail the peculiarities of these processes and the resulting finished marble, to fully understand the allure of the final marble flooring.

Smoothed marble: has a matt and porous surface but very smooth to the touch and, depending on the degree of smoothing, it can also be very shiny. The result of the smoothing procedure, which is very similar to marble floor polishing, lasts considerably over time without altering, even if the marble is placed outside or is subject to continuous trampling and other stresses.

Polished marble: has an almost mirror-like surface, very bright and which allows you to highlight all the details and the natural beauty of the material; it is obtained by carrying out a polishing with special abrasive wheels with different and increasingly fine grains.

Brushed marble: has a characteristic surface called orange peel which is worn and not homogeneous but is smooth and very pleasant to the touch. This effect is obtained with the use of special abrasive brushes that will highlight the natural pigmentation of the marble. This kind of processing is often used for marble bathroom floor tiles.

Sawn marble: it is worked in such a way as to keep its characteristic veins and color unaltered, but will have slight surface irregularities; what is achieved with this mechanical process is a surface naturally marked by time and perfect for creating indoor or outdoor marble flooring.

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