Sivec Marble

sivec marble

Sivec marble is one of the most famous white marbles in the world and it is extracted in Macedonia. Bianco Sivec marble origin is the mining area of ​​Mermeren Kombinat A.D., near the city of Prilep in the Pelagonia region on the border with Greece and Albania. The quarrying of Sivec marble began approximately in 500 BC. and reached its peak in Roman times as this stone was used conspicuously for the production of Roman sculptures in bianco Sivec white marble which were then sent to Rome or other parts of the Roman Empire. Nowadays, bianco Sivec marble is exported in large quantities to many developing countries such as Brazil, Singapore, United Arab Emirates for the construction of large projects such as public buildings, luxury hotels and so on.

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White Sivec marble looks like a fine-grained crystalline marble with a delicate and candid white color: all characteristics that make Sivec marble perfect for bringing brightness and giving amplitude to spaces in interior design. Bianco Sivec marble, in fact, is used for the realization of floors and coverings of various types as well as for the realization of kitchen tops and bathroom tops in Sivec marble. The crystalline white color of Sivec marble is particularly enhanced when subjected to polishing or smoothing.
Due to its pure and immaculate color, Sivec marble is often chosen for the making of funerary art objects.

Material: Marble
Color: White
Origin: Macedonia State
Uses: Coverings, floorings etc.
Surface: Polished, honed, hammered, flamed, chiseled etc.

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