Namibian White Marble

namibian white marble

Namibia white marble is a famous white marble from Central Africa and is also known by the names Namibia white Rhino marble or Sugar White marble. Its crystalline white color and delicate and elegant shades make it an incredibly suitable material for bringing light into rooms and effectively enhancing them.
The extraction area of Namibian white marble slab is mainly located near Karibib, not far from the capital. The Namibian white marble quarries are characterized by a moderate production: Namibian white marble is mostly available in blocks of medium size.

namibian white marble slabs for sale

Classified as dolomite, Namibian white marble slab is characterized by a high hardness which makes it adaptable to any type of application.
The other fundamental element of Namibia white Rhino marble, which probably makes it the best pure white stone originating in Africa, is undoubtedly its aesthetic aspect. Although it is difficult to describe this wonderful material in words, Namibian white marble is a crystalline white marble, highly homogeneous and crossed by light uniform light gray and ivory veins. At first glance, due to its homogeneous appearance and texture, Namibia white marble could easily be confused with white onyx.
As is often the case with white marble, Namibia white Rhino marble is also a material used primarily in the construction of bathrooms and kitchens. Thanks to the optical effect created by its bright color and its homogeneous surface, Namibia white marble is able to exponentially increase the environment in which it is placed. Furthermore, its chromatic mix makes it an easily combinable and highly versatile material. The white color of Namibian white marble slab immediately refers to the idea of hygiene and cleanliness: this is why, in addition to the bathroom, Namibian white marble is also an excellent material for the kitchen and in particular for worktops.
To conclude, Namibia white Rhino marble can also be used for the creation of vertical floors and walls. The stairs in Namibian white marble slab are also very impactful and elegant.

Material: Dolomite
Color: White
Origin: Africa
Uses: Coverings, floorings etc.
Surface: Polished, honed, hammered, flamed, chiseled etc.

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