Calacatta Vagli Rosato marble

calacatta vagli rosato marble

Calacatta Vagli rosato is one of the varieties of marble extracted in the Vagli area, in the heart of the Apuan Alps. The Vagli area has several quarries from which about ten Apuan marbles are extracted, including Arabescato Vagli, Venato Vagli, Calacatta Vagli oro and, of course, Calacatta Vagli rosato marble.
The stone activity of Vagli has in fact very ancient origins, so much so that we can very often find Calacatta Vagli rosato marble in churches and homes in the area. Calacatta Vagli rosato, like the other varieties of marble from this quarry, is considered an excellence in the sector as well as a highly sought after and appreciated product all over the world.
Among the best known and most important uses of the Calacatta Vagli rosato marble and Calacatta Vagli varieties in general, there is undoubtedly St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, the United Nations Council Chamber in New York and the Aula Nervi in ​​the Vatican City.
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Among the reasons why Calacatta Vagli rosato marble turns out to be such a sought-after stone material by architects is its mix of colors and patterns. If we wanted to describe the stone surface of the Calacatta Vagli rosato marble in a simple way, we could say that it has pinkish spots with darker veins on a white background. In reality, the texture of Calacatta Vagli rosato is much more complex and sophisticated: the numerous veins, both thick and thin, intertwine in elegant designs; in addition to pink and purple, there are numerous intermediate shades which create floral motifs full of charm and dynamism.
Calacatta Vagli rosato marble, with its luxurious swirls and opulent patterns, is used in particular in interior design and in luxury projects for the creation of kitchen tops or vertical floors and walls in the living area, very often with the so-called “open spot” laying technique.

Material: Marble
Color: Purple
Origin: Italy
Uses: Coverings, Floor, etc
Surface: Polished, honed, brushed, etc

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