Marble toilet fixtures

Marble toilet fixtures

Marble toilet fixtures can add a touch of class and elegance to a refined home where every single detail is of great importance. Marble toilet fixtures are an evergreen that never goes out of fashion since this material is able to perfectly match with any style of furniture. In addition to this, marble sanitary ware are durable, resistant and do not require special maintenance.

For the marble toilet design, there are different varieties of marble textures and colors (e.g. a grey marble toilet seat) that make it the perfect material to be combined with any other material and with different types of spaces.

Black marble toilet: bidet and WC in black marble

Black Marble Toilet - Bidet and WC

Marble, following simple precautions, preserves a shiny and elegant appearance over time, especially when it comes to the black marble toilet. Even in this case, there is not a single variety of stone but a wide range that allows you to enjoy the most varied shades and veins, making each work unique and inimitable.

All these features make black marble toilet fixtures perfectly compatible both with classic and modern furnishings, especially if you choose to combine different materials to create contrast: such as a black marble toilet bowl with a clear lid or vice versa.

To give greater prominence to the material, it is necessary to design the marble toilet paying attention to the type of stone to choose because, in addition to the total black versions given by slate or by Nero Belgio marble, it is possible to opt for Nero Marquinia, which is characterized by the bright and lively veins perfect for a refined home, or for a tobacco brown, with brown shades suitable for warm and welcoming bathrooms.

White Marble toilet

White marble toilet fixtures

Opting for white marble toilet fixtures is an excellent solution for those who want to give brightness and splendor to the bathroom area. The stone and marble toilet fixtures are in fact characterized by the typical natural brightness that encompasses all the essence of this precious material.

The marble par excellence is the white Carrara variety, used for the creation of timeless works of art which have become over the years the icons of art and design, but also for the creation of classic and luxury sanitary ware, especially if combined with other natural materials, such as wood or stone.
Carrara marble can be used both for suspended or floor mounted white marble toilet fixtures. In both cases, the result is very interesting: a timeless classic, perfect for anyone who intends to add value to the bathroom area.

Light marble toilet

The light marbles also include Calacatta marble, which is characterized by the presence of background colors and particular veins, capable of giving a contemporary touch to the toilet and the bidet, managing to integrate perfectly even in a modern and minimal environment.

Those who love the charm of the classic style, on the other hand, will find in Botticino marble the right solution for realizing a set of marble sanitary ware able to convey elegance and modernness to the room. Botticino marble is beige with brown veins (for instance for realizing a yellow marble toilet), while those who prefer a lighter and brighter touch can opt for Travertine.
So can marble suspended marble toilet fixtures really be made? Of course. Our patented technology allows us to make marble products which are much lighter than normal.

Different kinds of toilets

Depending on personal taste, it is possible to choose different kinds of toilets and several types of installation for the marble sanitary ware. To create a sober and classic environment, floor-mounted marble bathroom fixtures are usually preferred, very easy to assemble and capable of giving a traditional touch to the bathroom area. The marble toilet fixtures on the ground, however, have the disadvantage of having a narrow and difficult to clean space in the zone between the toilet and the wall.

Another type, which is somehow between the floor-mounted and wall-hung toilet fixtures, is the flush-fitting toilet fixture which is characterized by always having a floor drain which goes towards the wall, therefore much more modern from an aesthetic point of view and handier for the cleaning operations.

The third type is represented by the suspended toilet fixture, perfect for furnishing modern and very innovative bathrooms compared to the marble toilet and bidet mentioned so far. These are installed at a certain height from the ground, making the environment harmonious and clean. For suspended marble sanitary ware, the drain must be on the wall.

In addition to the type of installation, marble bathroom fixtures can have a drain system with or without rim. The traditional toilet models are equipped with a groove (the rim) from which the rinsing water flows, while the rimless toilet models have a drain system with piloted flow that ensures greater cleaning and hygiene of the toilet, as well as having a more modern design and a more pleasing aspect to the eye.

In any case, Dedalo’s staff will give you all the necessary support to determine what is the best kind of toilet to buy for your marble toilet.

Custom marble toilets

Custom marble toilet

Our company also deals with completely custom marble toilet projects, with extreme attention to the details. For this reason, we also deal with the realization of bathroom fixtures, toilet and bidet in marble, upon Customer request.
We can take care of both the design and the production; or even only of the production, in case it is necessary to make custom marble toilet fixtures on an already existing design.
In any case, our team of designers, architects, craftsmen and marble workers will take care of making each project unique and extremely accurate in detail.

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