Marble Kitchen Sink

marble kitchen sinks

One of the undisputed protagonists of a functional and above all spectacular kitchen is the sink. The sink is a necessary element that defines the style of the room, giving that touch of luxury that never hurts. Our Company is the reference point for those looking for an authentic and fully customized stone, onyx or marble kitchen sink.

Everybody wants a practical and at the same time beautiful, welcoming, refined kitchen which meets his/her own style. With its highly experienced staff, Dedalo will be able to suggest you the ideal materials. Moreover, being specialized in the realization of any type of tailor-made product, Dedalo will give you a wide choice of colors, shapes and designs.

The most demanding Customers in the luxury field know what we are talking about. A marble kitchen sink is something truly exclusive which can beautify the most heterogeneous kitchens, from the hyper-modern to the minimal ones, from the glossy to the matt ones.

In addition to the kitchens with essential, contemporary and minimal lines, the marble kitchen sink is also suitable for those rustic but classy kitchens with a country style (e.g. a marble farmhouse kitchen sink) as well as for vintage or eclectic kitchens. The marble kitchen sink is an element able to enrich any kitchen with great magnificence, even the most colorful and original ones. Discover all the secrets of Dedalo Stone Italian marble kitchen sinks.

Countertop Integrated Marble Kitchen Sink

countertop integrated marble kitchen sink

The marble sink, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom, has a timeless charm. Marble, a noble material par excellence, has an unparalleled allure. It is both classic and hyper contemporary, it takes on different moods depending on the context but it is always luxurious and eye-catching. It is an element that can make a difference and that certainly lasts over time, giving practicality but, above all, maximum magnificence.

In particular, by relying on our custom-made marble furniture specialists, you can create a countertop integrated marble kitchen sink. This is the most spectacular and complete choice so as to have a countertop of the same color and material of the marble kitchen sink. A choice that undoubtedly emphasizes the mood of the surrounding space or become a prominent element of the entire room.

In addition to kitchen sinks with marble countertops, we also create wall kitchens, islands or peninsulas completely covered in marble or onyx, even backlit. The effect is astonishing, difficult to put into words or to fully perceive by simply looking at a photograph.

The Advantages of a Marble Kitchen Sink

What are the advantages of a marble kitchen sink? There are many pros and not only from an aesthetic point of view. In fact, marble is very strong, durable, resists well in humid environments and is not subject to abrasion. Furthermore, marble is natural, highly hygienic and easy to clean; water and neutral soap are enough to keep it unchanged over time.

In fact, over the years, even if often used in the kitchen, your marble kitchen sink will not age, it will be a true evergreen and the customization possibilities are almost endless. However, being a natural material and sensitive to acids, in case of contact with unwanted substances, it will be possible to restore the surface with suitable treatments.

Take a look at the gallery of our projects: you will also find examples of marble kitchens, both with countertop integrated marble sink and with peninsulas, islands and various details in authentic marble.

The Best Varieties for a Marble Kitchen Sink

To create a new marble kitchen sink design, you can choose from infinite possibilities of materials and sizes, since we make everything to measure. There are indeed so many ideal marbles, each one distinguished by particular colors and veins, with very different shapes and nuances, so that the most varied environments can take on the most suitable allure for the project.

The choice of one marble rather than another is dictated by the aesthetic aspect, but also by more technical and superfine details suggested by specialized designers and architects who are part of Dedalo’s staff.

However, the most used varieties of marbles for a white marble kitchen sink are for example Bianco Carrara (which resists any type of fashion), some types of Calacatta marble and, for those who want to dare with a black marble kitchen sink, there is Marquinia marble: let’s find out more in detail.

Carrara Marble Sink

carrara marble kitchen sink

A white marble kitchen sink in white Carrara marble is a true timeless, eye-catching and refined design element. There are many types of white Carrara marble that are characterized by a more or less light background, which changes from the purest white to the pale greyish, with transverse gray veins. It is a variety that looks good anywhere and will give maximum refinement to any space, including the kitchen.

Calacatta Marble Sink

Calacatta marble is also extracted in Tuscany, mainly in the Apuan Alps, and some types are found in the quarries of Carrara. Almost all types of Calacatta have a background tending to white, furrowed by showy veins ranging from gray to gold and shades sometimes tending to a very delicate green.

There are also other variants of Calacatta marble, such as Calacatta Viola, known as Breccia Medicea, which has an arabesque appearance with dark veins tending to purple. The Calacatta white marble kitchen sink is perfect for giving dynamism to the kitchen because depending on the type and processing, it can be very refined. This marble also goes well with parquet floors, like most light marbles.

Marquinia Marble Sink

On the diametrically opposite side of the light marble is the black Marquinia. Here opinions are divided: on the one hand, there are those who would never make a kitchen in dark marble while, on the other hand, others who are in love with that dark background, furrowed by very light white veins which break up the black.

A Marquinia black marble kitchen sink is often requested in the luxury field because it has a modern allure and if inserted in the right context it creates an unparalleled effect. It is the ideal choice for dark and hyper modern kitchens, but it is also highly appreciated by those who love the retro 40s style. Combined with light-colored furniture, it will give dynamism to the room and can be combined with pendant floors or more traditional tiles, even in large sizes.

To visually break up the space, it can also be used only for the realization of the top with integrated marble kitchen sink or in the vertical cladding of an island. Don’t hesitate to take a look at our black marble kitchen sink in Marquinia marble.

Marble Kitchen Sink Price

The marble kitchen sink price, especially if custom-made, can vary a lot and it is difficult to establish a range without having evaluated the project, since we make everything to design. What affects the cost is the workmanship, which will be different for a solid marble kitchen sink or for a countertop integrated marble kitchen sink. In addition to the type of sink, the dimensions as well as the type of marble chosen and the delivery times obviously affect the final price.

Don’t forget that Dedalo staff is able to design even the smallest details or accessories: nothing prevents you to design a marble kitchen sink caddy in such a way as to store the soap and sponge in an object that perfectly matches with the other elements of the marble kitchen.

For specific information, we recommend you to contact us at the addresses listed on the contact page of this website. Our staff will understand your needs to create a tailor-made quotation for your perfect marble kitchen sink.

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