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marble and wood

Marble and wood are two noble materials, stylistically evergreen but also capable of conferring functionality, style and uniqueness to the most varied indoor environments. Dedalo, leading company in the design and implementation of solutions in marble and wood (even custom-made), knows the endless possibilities as well as many advantages of these fascinating materials.

Furthermore, Dedalo identifies marble and wood as the best materials to emphasize luxury and style in home furnishings, either in villas or apartments, but also in hotels and in all those rooms which need to stand out for elegance. Dedalo’s strength, for what concerns the furnishing products, is the unconventional style and the patented technique with which the weight of marble products is reduced by up to 65%.

white marble and wood kitchen

Particular effects of marble on wood, creation of inlays on marble and wood (e.g. with the effigy of the family), designing a custom-made marble and wood piece of furniture able to perfectly integrate with the home and its context: this and much more is what Dedalo can offer. Gluing stone and wood is not a job for everyone where you can improvise, the same thing also applies to covering a marble staircase with wood or combining marble and wood in decorations, finishes or furnishings. Professionalism is always essential as well as theoretical and field experience: for this reason Dedalo represents a real reference point for those who want to give that extra something to their luxury indoor spaces.

Floors, bathtubs, swimming pools, bathrooms, kitchens, fountains, stairs, pieces of furniture, any interior design element can be realized by using precious materials and the combination of marble and wood is very trendy not to say that the mood it creates will remain of evergreen style and refinement. Let’s find out all the stylistic possibilities suggested by Dedalo and let’s start dreaming of our ideal space: Dedalo will be able to exceed even your most virtuous and peculiar expectations.

Marble and wood bathroom for a classy effect

sink with wood topMarble and wood are perfect, especially if combined together, to make a bathroom even more characteristic and beautiful. Beyond its architectural location and size, Dedalo is able to find the ad hoc solution to embellish the bathroom and make it functional, luxurious and timeless. Marble is a material which has been used since ancient times for the construction of bathrooms, fountains and other spaces in close contact with water.

The reflections of water, in fact, enhances marble veins, color and brightness by creating visual games of a thousand and one nights. Moreover, a marble and wood covering for the bathroom, or the creation of elements such as bathtubs, shower trays, washbasin countertops or the washbasin itself, will make the space not only unique and personalized but also extremely relaxing and calming. A marble and wood bathroom take advantage of the allure of both materials, their evocative force and their rare beauty and emotional power able to cheer up at first glance. On the other hand, the bathroom is the most intimate place of the house and it must be welcoming, comfortable, safe and suggestive.

white marble and wood bathroom

Think for example of a black marble and wood bathroom, synonymous with unchallenged luxury and splendor: well, Dedalo will also be able to transform it into a minimal environment if you wish, or make it hyper contemporary or futuristic thanks to its team, to the highest quality raw materials (also selectable directly in the quarry) and to its ability to anticipate interior design trends. Among the most requested and loved products, we mention the free standing bathtubs, squared or rounded (reminiscent of the Roman memorabilia exhibited at the Louvre in Paris). Characterized by a retro flavor but with a modern touch are the bathtubs with internal marble seat and glass structure for a unique visual effect. And then emotional showers with marble or wood covering for a winning combination, 100% customizable, and pure marble washbasins with pendant veins on the countertop in natural wood.

Bathroom in white marble and wood

marble and wood bathroom

A white marble and wood bathroom by Dedalo is the most refined thing you can have at home. In addition, this stylistic and performing union can also be the protagonist in luxury hotels, in modern apartments, in renovated and modernized period villas. In fact, white marble (whether from Carrara, Calacatta, Orosei or from other typical and fine quarries) is synonymous with elegance, purity, eternity and, last but not least, maximum cleanliness and hygiene.

Hygiene is an essential condition in a bathroom worthy of its name; as a matter of fact, interior design is increasingly attentive to this subject by selecting materials which can highlight this feature.

The combination of white marble and wood creates a more welcoming, warm and unique atmosphere not to mention that there is a lot of wood varieties so as to best fit the style and personality of each person. A white marble and wood bathroom can take on the typically sumptuous allure of liberty villas, or become a hyper modern space, or a minimalist room with a Nordic flavor: there is really no limit to imagination, creativity and design skills for Dedalo’s staff.

Finally, taps and fittings can even more characterize a white marble and wood bathroom; for this reason, the Company will be able to offer ad hoc suggestions also on this matter because no detail can be overlooked in projects of this caliber.

Marble and wood kitchens
marble and wood kitchen

In the same way as bathrooms, even marble and wood kitchens are a trendy and successful choice, ideal in the most different houses in terms of size, location and style. One of the distinctive elements of this practical choice is surely the inclusion of a wooden kitchen top on marble. The latter can be realized as an old-style sink, or with a more refined structure, or even inspired by the typical and sinuous sinks of the Mediterranean houses.

The worktop, whether of the kitchen structure or of a possible marble and wood kitchen island or peninsula, will thus be the protagonist of the room. There are also proposals in the opposite way, that is to say the insertion or the custom-made realization of marble tops on wooden furniture. It is not even uncommon to see installations with worktops full of marble inlays on wood and viceversa. On the other hand, as everybody knows, marble and wood have always been the typical materials in the kitchen for style, resistance, allure and quality: that’s why combining the two elements is the best way to ensure a hyper-functional, luxurious and noteworthy space.

Marble and wood stairs

Marble and wood stairs will surely become the undisputed protagonist of the most varied environments. Dedalo is able not only to design the right model for spaces of various nature on a functional level, but also to stylistically use top quality materials, all carefully selected. For example, in some cases it may be possible to think of covering the marble staircase with wood, or the other way round, always by highlighting the perfect combination that these two materials can form.

wood and marble stairs

Marble inserts on wood or viceversa, inlays or rosettes will therefore be created, making this architectural element the protagonist, as required by modern interior design. Those who do not like this trend can always opt for a project that can create a harmonization between the marble and wood staircase and the rest of the furnishings or of the surrounding space.

In general, Dedalo is a true master in creating a unique, personalized design harmony that focuses on the luxury, quality and beauty of the materials, paying careful attention to the most varied needs of the Customer without excluding, of course, functionality.

Marble and wood floors: a magic combination

inlays in marble and wood

Finally, let’s also focus our attention on the marble and wood floors that Dedalo can create. Firstly, this solution proves exceptionally similar to the liberty style of many villas on the national territory: as a matter of fact, numerous Customers request marble floor in order to renovate these houses without losing their value and mood. But this is not the only case: a marble and wood floor combination can also be placed inside a loft, in a hyper-modern urban apartment, in a Nordic or industry house.

marble and wood floor

Even in these different conceptions, the company will surprise the Customer by always finding the most suitable solution in terms of style, materials, colors and finishings. Rosettes, parquet strips combined with marble squares, nothing is impossible and you can thus highlight a particular drawing or a texture or, on the contrary, harmonize the flooring with the rest of the furnishings. Marble and wood floor designs can also be used to make a room seem wider and therefore playing with bright and clear nuances, for example similar to other wall coverings, to the colors of the walls or to the furniture.

Dedalo is truly a point of reference for anyone looking for customization, luxury, quality and great professionalism in order to stand out and enjoy indoor spaces at best. Partner: Parquet Nsc



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