Marble and Glass Countertops, Panels and Tiles for custom project: flooring, dining and coffee tables, Bathroom coverings.

It is note the ability of some marble and onyx to let the light shine, such a characteristic is even more emphasized if they are combined with the glass plates, in this way, besides increasing the transparency, it also enhances the mechanical strength of the slab. Our layering technique is very sophisticated and allows us to achieve the highest safety standards in the world.
Our stratified cycle consists of the following phases:

Wash the plates of marble / onyx in order to remove any impurities.

Drying in the oven for a perfect dehydration.

Coupling of slabs of marble / onyx with glass plates by means of PVB film in an aseptic environment.

Inserting the plates inside vacuum bags, in this way we eliminate all air bubbles between marble and glass.

Insertion of the plates under vacuum inside the hyperbaric chambers where is the final coupling between marble and glass, hyperbaric chambers maintain a constant pressure of 17 bar, the temperature rises and falls to the optimal values ​​for the coupling in a progressive manner, without creating mechanical stress to the material, the humidity is maintained at the minimum possible values ​​so as not to interfere with the optimal coupling of materials.

Obviously this is but only the first stage of all possible processes that can be done by matching marble glass, our team will be able to study and analyze each project in order to identify the most suitable technique and processing in order to realize the work required.

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