Marble Fireplace: comfort and timeless charm

marble fireplace comfort and timeless charm

Whether is a living room, a tavern, a bedroom or the kitchen, fireplaces are the key to creating a warm and cozy atmosphere at home.

And if you really care about the elegance and are involved to keep a certain style in your home spaces, we suggest you to consider among your all fireplaces options the ones made in marble, the best idea to bring together practicality, comfort and timeless taste.

Marble Fireplace, a classic

marble fireplace a classic

Raymond Chandler used to talk about marble fireplace and surrounds in his book “The High Window” as perfect elements to catch the right classic and timeless mood: “There was an ormolu clock on the grey green marble fireplace, a grandfather clock ticking lazily in the corner, and some wax flowers under a glass dome on an oval table with a marble top and curved elegant legs.”

There is no doubt that marble is one of the most recognizable materials in terms of taste and elegance. Whether it is the living room, the kitchen or the tavern, this precious and inimitable material is the element that will warm and enrich your favorite space at home.

A wide range of choices and prices for your marble fireplace

a wide range of choices and prices for your marble fireplace

Marble also gives you a great possibility of customization by type of fireplace. The colors, the veins, the presence or absence of refined friezes rather than the smooth stone offer a really wide range to choose from. Our experts will help you to outline the best project according to your needs and your spaces. Whether it is an entire marble fireplace, a cladding or the creation of a simple frame, our ideas will be for you.

That feeling of comfort of the marble fireplace

Compared to other materials, marble fireplaces are very resistant: they retain their initial color level very well and have excellent resistance to temperature.

But above all, a marble fireplace manages to retain the heat produced for a long time, prolonging the feeling of pleasant comfort even when the fire has gone out for a while. For this reason, it is important to choose first quality stones for marble fireplaces, in order to guarantee a long life of the coating.

Marble fireplaces are beautiful but also practical. To clean them, once the fire has cooled and the ash removed, just wipe them with coarse salt or baking soda to remove any signs of smoke.

Marble fireplaces for modern apartments

A modern marble fireplace can be the right solution not only for large luxury homes. Choosing marble to cover your fireplace is an excellent option even for small and modern apartments that do not want to give up a touch of class and style.

Handcrafted marble fireplaces: our production

handcrafted marble fireplaces

Within our selection of projects you can find some examples of fireplaces we have made. Black marble fireplace for villas and apartments, hand carved white marble fireplace, hand made Calacatta white Carrara marble fireplace.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or for your customized project.



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