Marble fireplace, styles and features of a unique piece of furniture

marble fireplace

There was an ormolu clock on the grey green marble mantel, a grandfather clock ticking lazily in the corner, and some wax flowers under a glass dome on an oval table with a marble top and curved elegant legs.”

Certainly it is not necessary to quote the writer Raymond Chandler and his book “The High Window” in order to understand the warm elegance that a marble fireplace can provide to a room.

Marble fireplace, wide range of choices

If the marble in the home is a symbol of comfort and precious furnishing, the same goes for a fireplace, whether in the kitchen or in the living room or in the tavern. An entire marble fireplace, or simply its frame or the mantel, guarantees a warm and welcoming atmosphere to the entire surrounding space. The colours, the veining, the presence or absence of refined friezes as well as the plain smooth stone offer a really wide range of choices.

That comfort feeling conveyed by the marble fireplace

Compared to other materials, a marble fireplace manages to preserve the initial degree of colour, due to its great resistance to the temperature of the flame. But, above all, a marble fireplace can retain the heat produced for a long time, prolonging the feeling of pleasant comfort even when the fire has been extinguished for a while.

For this reason, it is important to choose a stone of the highest quality for your marble fireplace, in order to guarantee a long coating life. Once the fire has cooled and the ash has been removed, it may be useful to use coarse salt or bicarbonate applied on a cloth in order to clean the marble fireplace and remove any signs of smoke.

Marble fireplace for modern apartments

A modern marble fireplace is not just a solution for large luxury homes. Adopting marble to cover one’s own fireplace is often an excellent solution even for small and modern apartments that do not want to be lacking a touch of class and style.


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