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Custom-made marble shower base

Among the many variants offered by Dedalo for monolithic marble shower bases, we find those floor-flush of the Onda line. Floor-level shower trays are increasingly used as they represent a choice that brings many advantages both from a functional and aesthetic point of view. For example, this type of shower trays, having no obstacles but being a continuum between the floor and the shower box, allows easier use for children, elderly people or people with mobility difficulties. Secondly, being characterized by fewer recesses and cavities, this marble shower base simplifies and speeds up ordinary maintenance and cleaning operations.
From an aesthetic point of view, as well as possessing a delicate and elegant line, the floor-flush marble shower tray creates an optical effect thanks to the continuity of the materials and the absence of steps: hence the room is immediately perceived wider.
The technicians of Dedalo work closely with the Customer in the selection of the shower tray with experience and professionalism. Often, the average user is intimidated by the choice of a floor-flush shower base for fear that water stagnation may occur: in reality, if the slope of the floor and the drain are made in a workmanlike manner, as guaranteed by the Dedalo staff, there will be no such risk.

Modern shower base with hidden drain in marble
Since this particular type of shower tray cannot always be inserted during the work but it is often preferable to be already planned in the design phase, it is advisable that the project and the installation are entrusted to professionals such as those of Dedalo so that the final result is perfect and correctly matched with the style of the bathroom and the bathroom fittings.
Onda is a rectangular stone shower pan with straight sides. In addition to the classic floor-flush installation, it is possible to realize a lifted-up shower tray. The shower pan drain is covered with a removable marble tile for inspection. Each monolithic marble shower base of the Onda line can be customized according to the tastes and needs of the Customer, including the dimensions and the construction materials.
The standard versions of the Onda shower bases have a selectable width among 70, 80, 90 and 100 cm. The length varies from a minimum of 100 cm up to a maximum of 160 cm.

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