Modern White Stone Shower Pan - Fiume

Designer: Elia Devoti
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The essence of the shapes of these monolithic marble shower pans draw inspiration from nature and, among the various models offered by Dedalo, Fiume marble shower tray is undoubtedly the most emblematic in this regard. The shower trays of Fiume line, always with the classic minimal design which characterizes most of Dedalo’s products, aim to reproduce the bottom of a river both from a visual and tactile point of view.
Compared to the canonical shower trays with a pebble floor, the shower base of the Fiume line does not use real stones but depicts large river rocks smoothed by the constant flow of water through raised marble slabs.
These irregular shapes, with simple and delicate lines, also remind us of the fluid reflections of lights and shadows, typical of the flowing stream.
Being a marble shower tray with an original character that goes particularly well with a modern home style, Dedalo’s qualified staff accompanies the Customer in choosing not only Fiume shower pan but also the style of the bathroom, the fittings and other furnishing accessories in order to find the right, coherent and harmonious balance.

Shower Tray Sizes, Characteristic and Materials

white carrara marble shower pan
The stone floor-flush shower tray of Fiume line is characterized by a rectangular plan with straight sides. The peculiarity of this pan is undoubtedly the fact that its grooves convey the water towards the drain hole, ensuring a perfectly dry floor despite being installed flush.
Each monolithic marble shower tray of Fiume line can also be realized with a lifted-up installation; in this case, the sides are always polished so that the Customer can choose his/her favourite height of installation.
Other customization variables are the dimensions of the white shower tray as well as the construction materials.
The standard versions of Fiume shower pans have a selectable width among 70, 80, 90 and 100 cm. The length varies from a minimum of 100 cm up to a maximum of 160 cm.
The marble varieties proposed for Fiume shower tray are Bianco Carrara, Grigio Bardiglio Nuvolato, Calacatta Caldia®, Crema Luna, Onice Arcoiris and Rosso Collemandina. But the versatility of Dedalo also lies in the possibility of customizing this element by making it with any other material requested by the Customer.
A marble shower tray represents the ultimate in terms of strength and elegance. Its porous surface, which is naturally anti-slip, and its multiple colours and veins that make it easily combinable with any type of furniture, make it a perfect element both from a functional and aesthetic point of view.

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