The Stonemason

the stonemason

The stonemason is a job in which charm, technique and tradition are mixed. The mind immediately refers to the hands dusted with white, to the equipment and the care given to the precious marbles extracted from quarries.

In Carrara and the surrounding area, being a marble worker is a long-standing profession (often it is handed down from father to son) which requires a high degree of specialization and experience in the field. But what exactly does the stonemason do? Let’s find it out together.

Stonemason: who he is and what he does

stonemason who he is and what he does

Stonemason basically transform raw marble into slabs and finished products. It cuts, processes and finishes the material to use it for works, coverings and interior furnishings.

His duties are required throughout the process of carrying out the work: from the project conception and creation, the choice of material, the processing itself up to the implementation and the cleaning and polishing phase.

Obviously, case by case, the participation of one or more specific professionals can be necessary. For this reason, marble workers must be prepared to interact with a variety of experts: planners, designers, architects and other professionals.

The marble worker is a craftsman who is familiar with stone materials in general and has a strong specialization in marble or some of its specific types, such as Carrara marble, unique in color, veins, features and workability.

Stonemason’s work

stonemason work

Those who work with marble follow all the stages of the commissioned artefact realization: from design to its consignment. A good versatility is required, which can be acquired after an adequate training and specialization course.

How do you become a marble worker?

Since this is an artisanal type of work, a highly manual experience is required. An aspirant can develop it directly in the workplace, therefore in the laboratory where the machinery is located. Furthermore, it often happens that the stonemason goes to the quarry to evaluate the material on site or on the construction site where the work will be placed.

For anyone who aspires to become a professional in this sector, therefore, we recommend that you attend directly to a company where you can carry out a coaching period to learn the rudiments, techniques and tricks of the trade.

The tools of the stonemason

The stonemason uses a series of tools, instruments and specific equipment for each stage of processing. For cutting (the moment in which the bank is detached from the mountain and then divided into blocks) they use block cutters with diamond abrasive discs. These are very sophisticated tools, which over the years have considerably evolved to adapt to ever higher safety standards.

Other typical tools of the marble worker are the chisel, products and tools for grouting, grinders and electric polishers.

Dedalo Stone: stonemasons in Carrara

dedalo stone stonemasons in carrara italy

For our company, Dedalo Stone, we employ the best professionals in the sector. Our stonemasons specialize in the design and implementation of furniture projects for villas, hotels and luxury residences.

We are able to satisfy the needs and preferences of the customer, developing ideal and tailor-made projects for any space.

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