Cultured marble or marble? What’s the difference?

Cultured marble engineered stone or marble

The choice of a proper stone material is a crucial topic as well as vast and significant. When it comes to deciding which is the best lining, we have to consider several elements that must satisfy both aesthetic and design as well as the practical and functional side. From this perspective, although there are many materials that can satisfy these requirements to a greater or lesser extent, the comparison, and differences between marble and cultured marble are a crucial aspect not be reckoned with. Actually, understanding the difference between these two popular building materials is essential to help you choose the most valuable and performing material for your home or office.

Marble Overview

Marble, always considered ‘the king of luxury’, is one of the most used stones in construction as precious coating. In fact, due to its powerful aesthetic impact, it represents the perfect combination of a timeless natural elegance and an old-fashioned soul, which makes it extremely versatile for any type of surface.

Marble is a rock resulting from sedimentary carbonate rocks, most commonly limestone and other materials, which have been pressed, coloured and tempered by geological events over millions of years. These have contributed to making marble one of the most authentic stones, free from impurities and contaminations.

Marble natural stone

What is cultured marble?

Cultured marble, also know as engineered stone, is an industrial product, resulting from the blending of polyester resins and crushed marble dust. The material obtained vary from the natural marble primarily for the uniformity, the colour and the physical characteristics. The material obtained vary from the natural marble primarily for the uniformity, the colour and the physical characteristics. In the last years, due to the technology development, the concept of cultured marble has evolved, creating a quartz-based agglomerate, a synthetic material composed by 90% of natural quartz mixed with resins.

Cultured marble, engineered stone

Interiors: marble or cultured marble?

Although choosing a synthetic material could have some benefits, cultured marble does not always completely satisfy the aesthetic taste of those who evaluate it. Marble, on the on the other hand, results as much refined, smooth and elegant, that is why it is favoured for a domestic environment, especially for the bathroom.

Marble Bathroom

Marble is instantly able to convey to the space a regal bearing that is hard to imitate indeed, it has been one of the most popular covering trends in the last years, especially for bathroom furnishings. Due to its countless features, is particularly suitable for various solutions adaptable to any aesthetic and functional needs. Whether it is white, pure white, grey, brown, blue or even black, it is able to transmit a genuine aura of shine and uniqueness.

Look at our marble products for bathroom and home furnishings.

Marble Sink

In the interior design small details make a difference, which is particularly true in the case of the bathroom. Choosing a marble sink means relying on a piece of furniture with a strong personality, able to modify the environment atmosphere, from a modern and appealing mood to a classic and elegant allure.


Prices may vary as well as come along with exceptions. It obviously depends on the type of marble, the size, the thickness and the purpose it is used for.

Element of undeniable charm, marble is a natural and unique material, able to preserve and enhance the craftsmanship charm of the territory from which is extracted. In addition, it is a material rooted in tradition whose strength lies in the experienced craftmanship of expert designers, which have always been unique characteristics of the Italian genius over the centuries.

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