Breccia Medicea marble

breccia medicea marble

Breccia Medicea Marble Slabs for Sales

Breccia Medicea, also known by the name of Breccia di Seravezza, is a prestigious ornamental marble extracted in the heart of historical Versilia and in particular in the municipalities of Seravezza (from which it takes its name) and Stazzema. This historical stone of Apuan origins has been widely used especially since the Renaissance period in Tuscany for the construction of columns, wall and floor slabs as well as ornamental elements. The name Breccia Medicea, in fact, was attributed to it due to the wide use made of it by the de’ Medici family and in particular by Cosimo I de’ Medici, who owned the exclusive right of use on the quarries of Seravezza: some important examples of application of the Breccia Medicea marble within Florentine architectural works are the choir in the Florence Cathedral, the obelisks in Piazza Santa Maria Novella or the fountain of Neptune in Piazza della Signoria.
breccia medicea marble slabs for sale

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Breccia Medicea is extracted in very few quarries located on Monte Altissimo and Monte Corchia. For this reason, the production of Breccia Medicea marble is very limited and its blocks have small or medium size. A peculiarity of Medicean breccia viola is that the blocks have very different characteristics according to the quarry of extraction. Not only that, even within the same quarry it is possible to find significant differences in the blocks and slabs of this breccia viola marble: it is above all for this reason that it is possible to find different names of the classical Breccia Medicea which however refer to variety of different appearance, from pink-green to purplish-pink.
Breccia di Seravezza is a clastic sedimentary rock. The clasts contained within it are mostly calcitic and the cement contains various elements including chlorite, hematite (from which its dark red and purplish color derives) and carbonaceous substances (hence the black tones).
We now come to the color of Breccia Medicea: the surface of the Breccia Medicea marble is characterized by purple and pearly pink shades, by dense light green and greyish veins and by clasts or pebbles of variable size and color (shades of gray, walnut, dark red and yellow). The final result is an extremely heterogeneous and sophisticated stone surface, with a very strong visual impact.
Breccia Medicea is mainly used in interior design for the realization of projects of medium/small size and of high prestige or luxury. Among the most common applications of the breccia Medicea marble we therefore find columns, shower trays, frames, platforms and coverings in general.

Material: Marble
Color: Purple
Origin: Italy
Uses: Coverings, Floor, etc
Surface: Polished, honed, brushed, etc

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