Marble Pedestal Sink: how to choose a perfect basin for your bathroom and kitchen

modern pedestal marble sink

The pedestal sink is the real star of contemporary bathrooms and is available in infinite versions that differ in shape, color, construction material (a marble pedestal sink is extremely elegant and unique) and positioning. The old column washbasins, typical of retro or classic bathrooms, have been increasingly substituted by these new freestanding models such as the marble freestanding sink. These are versions that do not require support bases or wall attachments and can be placed either in the center of the bathroom or in corners: practically wherever you want and, in many cases, they can be used successfully in order to save space within the room.
In fact, contemporary bathrooms require maximum customization but also attention to detail and construction materials. In particular, those looking for a classy bathroom prefer noble and precious materials such as marble (e.g. a black marble pedestal sink), stone and onyx. However, sanitary ware (in particular the pedestal sink or the column washbasin) in ceramic or gres is an evergreen and is still considered highly refined by the best interior designers of the moment who combine these elements with coatings, bathtubs, bathroom accessories in marble or onyx to create prestigious spaces.
In contrast with service toilets, there is now a tendency to return to the real concept of the bathroom, a place to take care of yourself at 360 degrees and in which to relax as in a spa or a wellness center. The marble pedestal sink is the true protagonist of these domestic spaces which guarantees an exceptional aesthetic impact. Moreover, a marble pedestal basin is more practical and considered the natural evolution of the column washbasin.

Carrara Marble Pedestal Sink: an Italian Design Product

The Carrara marble pedestal sink is certainly the object of desire of many design lovers, but not only. Today, thanks to Companies such as Dedalo, it is easy to have your own marble pedestal wash basin or entire bathroom customized and made with great craftsmanship and with a special eye for design.

Made in Italy products are warranty of quality and choosing one of these models of Italian pedestal sink designed and built by expert hands will make any room unique, practical, functional and timeless. Freestanding models represent the new column washbasins for the bathroom and have a double function: support for the actual upper sink basin and design because they are able to cover and thus to conceal the siphon.

white carrara pedestal sink

A bathroom with a white marble pedestal sink will always be functional, beautiful and resistant, durable and thanks to companies like Dedalo Stone who designs and manufactures custom versions of marble pedestal sink, the bathroom will be characterized by a completely different mood.

These pedestal sinks are often underestimated but in reality they are very trendy, they have an enviable allure and can be completely customized. Furthermore, they literally transform a bathroom fixture into a true work of art, an object of unparalleled refinement and elegance, especially if made of marble or onyx.

A pedestal marble sink is spectacular at the right point: optionally, it can become the protagonist of the bathroom, dictate its style, otherwise it can be integrated into the bathroom creating less contrast, by choosing for example a coating en pendant.

The versatility of the modern marble pedestal sink also makes it one of the essential bathroom accessories nowadays; it is complete with siphon, floor drain pipe and can be installed anywhere. It does not require fixing to the wall and it is possible to choose it in endless versions but above all, thanks to Dedalo Stone, the marble freestanding sink can be completely customized according to your own taste. From the design point of view, due to the shape that characterizes it, a Carrara marble pedestal sink can be perceived as a real sculpture.

Round pedestal washbasins, with large sink, are perfect to be combined especially with sanitary ware similar in shape and style. Likewise, design column washbasins with geometric lines can recall the surrounding furniture and accessories. This and much more can be made to measure, using precious materials such as marble and onyx.
Among the models of Italian pedestal sink created by Dedalo Stone, one of the most popular is Calla, a marble pedestal basin that opens up from the floor like a flower. It can be a column resting on the ground or suspended, perhaps to be placed on a solid wood block with a natural allure.

Freestanding Kitchen Sink

elegant freestanding sink for bath and kitchen

In the same way as the marble pedestal sink models described so far for the bathroom, in particular those made of marble in perfect made in Italy style by Dedalo Stone, suggestive and practical versions of freestanding kitchen sink can be conceived and created.

The most diverse kitchens, from modern ones to vintage or retro ones, will take on a new, decisive, highly refined look thanks to this type of pedestal kitchen sink and thus it will also be possible to carry out long-lasting restylings with a great aesthetic impact. Discover all the proposals and possibilities such as the wonderful freestanding kitchen island with sink that can be realized in marble or other precious and ductile materials by Dedalo Stone. Ask for an offer without obligation.

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