Marble price: how much is marble?

marble price how much marble cost

This wants to be a free marble price guide to help you better define the marble slab prices and costs. There are many factors that affect the marble price and some of these factors can significantly change the marble price even within the same type. The starting point of an economic evaluation of marble stone per square meter is undoubtedly the choice of the variety. Let’s take for example the most famous variety, the white Carrara marble: this type is further categorized according to the background color and its veins. In fact, “Bianco C” and “Bianco CD” appear to be two variants of White Carrara marble which have respectively a whiter and a slightly grayer background. The “Bianco C” has a marble price range that can go from approximately $ 53.00 up to $ 90.00, while the “Bianco CD” from a minimum marble price of approximately $ 48.00 to a maximum of $ 77.00. As can be seen from the indicative marble slab prices shown above, the same type but in a different variant can have a significant price difference, in this case up to 20% more!

Marble price: free marble price guide

As explained in the previous paragraph of this free marble price guide, to identify the marble price it is first of all necessary to determine the type or types that you want to purchase. Speaking of Carrara marble, the most common types in addition to the classic White are Statuario marble and Calacatta marble. Always remaining on a white stone, other well-known types are Biancone marble and perlato of Sicily. If, on the other hand, you are oriented towards a marble with beige tones, the most famous types are undoubtedly Botticino marble, Crema Marfil and Travertine (even if, as we know, it is not really a marble – click here for more info on Travertine marble). Finally, among the types of black color it is impossible not to mention Nero Marquina marble. As an example, here is the marble tiles price of some of the types mentioned above: Travertine marble price: $ 65.00 – 120.00 sq.m.; Botticino marble price: $ 50.00 – 90.00 sq.m; Nero Marquina marble price: $ 80.00 – 100.00 sq.m.

Carrara marble price

Carrara marble is unanimously recognized as one of the best stone materials ever, especially from an aesthetic point of view, and the most valuable both nationally and internationally. Designers and Customers from all over the world choose it for the creation of floors, walls, kitchen tops and bathroom tops and furnishing accessories of all kinds (marble bathtubs, marble shower trays, marble lamps, billiard tables, etc.). As we already know, there are many varieties of this natural stone extracted from the magnificent quarries in the Apuan Alps; therefore, each variety has its own price range. In addition to the best-known white Carrara marble, the other famous varieties are:

  • Carrara marble price for Statuario variety: $100.00 – 190.00 sq.m.
  • Carrara marble price for Arabescato variety: $ 90.00 – 150.00 sq.m.
  • Calacatta marble price: $ 110.00 – $ 160.00 sq.m.
  •  Carrara marble price for Bardiglio variety: $ 60.00 – 100.00 sq.m.

carrara marble price

Marble price: what affects the price?

Once you have identified the type of marble you want to buy as suggested in the first part of this marble price guide, let’s move on to describe the other factors that affect the marble slab prices. As for the marble price, the other elements to consider are: the size of the tile, transport, processing and finishes, and finally the installation.

Dimensions affect the marble tiles price

Generally speaking, the larger the size of the tile, the higher the marble tiles price. The size of the tile consequently increases another marble related cost, namely the installation.
The most common sizes of marble tiles for marble floors or marble coverings range from 30×60, to 60×60 up to 60×120. It is also possible to make larger sizes but, in principle, they are considered customized formats and it is necessary to turn to marble workers able to work this type of dimensions on 2 cm thick tiles.
Let’s take for example a classic Botticino marble tile: the marble tiles price for a 30×60 tile is about $ 65.00 while for a 60×60 size it is around $ 80.00, about 20% more.
Under the size 60×60 there are also the so-called “marmette”, that is, already finished 1 cm thick tiles. In this last case, the possibility of customization is very limited (it is like buying ready-made ceramic tiles) but the marble price is lower: if we take the classic Botticino variety again, the marble tiles price is on average $ 45.00 – 50.00.

Transport affects marble price

Transport is another expense item that affects the final marble price. First of all, shipping cost is linked to the type of marble chosen since some types of marble are extracted in quarries that are difficult to reach: Carrara marble is undoubtedly one of these, or let’s think of Yule marble which is extracted at 2,800 m above the sea level in the Elk Mountains. The other phases of shipping (and its relative costs) are the transport to the marble worker who takes care of the processing and, finally, the transport to the Customer. Transport cost in these last cases depends directly on the weight and the destination (if the material is to be transported to an island, the marble price per square meter will be clearly higher).

Processes and finishes can change the price of marble

In this marble price guide, we cannot avoid mentioning the processes and the finishes: another key factor in determining the marble price. An example that directly concerns Dedalo’s projects is the reconstruction of the marble grain by taking the material from the same marble block (even chosen directly in the quarry together with the Customer). Among the main finishes that determine the marble price are polishing, sanding, sandblasting, brushing or bush hammering.

Floor marble price: the installation

We have now reached the end of this free marble price guide. Talking about floor marble price or marble countertop price, another important element to keep in mind is the installation. In general, as we have anticipated in the previous paragraphs of this marble price guide, small marble tiles are cheaper while large slabs will have a higher cost for installation. The installation of marble floors has a variable cost ranging from $ 55.00 to $ 85.00 per square meter. Taking up some projects created by Dedalo, a very beautiful and impactful installation is the so-called “open book”: clearly an installation of this type translates into a higher marble price per square meter that can even reach $ 60.00 – 80.00. If the finishes or further treatments must be completed on site, this will also affect the final marble price.
Finally, as regards the installation of marble floors, we must not forget that the complexity of the required laying geometry can also have a more or less marked influence on the marble price, whether it is diagonal, staggered, herringbone, forming squares and so on.

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