Marble shower: how to choose the right stone and design

marble shower how to choose the best stone and design

The marble shower is a real non plus ultra, the object of desire of those who love to experience their bathroom as if it were in a wellness center. In fact, this room is no longer just an end in itself but must welcome, give moments of pure relaxation: for these reasons, a marble showercubicle or an ad hoc wall covering are ideal for achieving the goal. Luxury, magnificence, timeless aesthetic impact, unparalleled emotionality, this and much more is what only marble can give. Find out how to choose the right marble for showerbox, which essences to use and which are the trendiest designs and proposals.

Open marble walk-in shower or marble shower box?

Also the latest trends in bathroom furnishings focus attention on the shower and make it the protagonist on an aesthetic level but without losing functionality. As a matter of fact, this accessory needs to be practical, spatially optimized and perfectly matching the bathroom and its chosen or existing style. In this sense, a marble shower has no equal. We can define marble emotional thanks to its luxurious allure that brings with it austerity but also natural, elegant and harmonious: qualities that only natural materials such as marble, stone and onyx can give.

marble shower box

Thanks to such an important and hyper-refined element, any marble shower bathroomcan be made into a sort of home spa, even 100% customizable thanks to Dedalo Stone proposals. Moreover, the Company embraces the latest trends: obviously the most technologically advanced ones and those which can give added value to the whole bathroom. The trends established in recent years mainly go towards the walk-in shower and the shower with box, both strictly in extra clear transparent glass.

The open marble shower, defined as walk-in, has no doors and the only existing bulkhead is placed on the side opposite to the wall on which the shower head is generally positioned; alternatively, the marble shower head can be installed laterally. It is a modern and very captivating version, especially if made with noble materials such as marble. Thanks to marble, the open shower will successfully highlight the mood of the material itself and will also make the entire marble shower bathroombrighter and more airy.

On the other hand, those who love a closed and cozy shower, also due to space limitations, will probably choose amarble showerbox, generally transparent, made in crystal. Also in this case marble can be used to realize a marble shower panor even just the marble shower walls. Walk-in shower or shower box? It is a completely personal choice and in both cases it is practical, contemporary and without any danger of blurring the magnificence of a marble shower. By viewing our section of the site dedicated to marble for showerprojects, you can get a better idea of the infinite possibilities that this noble and extra-luxury material can offer.

Custom Marble Shower Pan

To enjoy the inimitable allure of a marble shower, just choose a pure marble shower pan. This fundamental element to define the style of the bathroom, will not only give a respectable aesthetic impact, but will also have an important emotional role. The direct contact of the feet with a marble shower floorin fact allows an immediate connection between man and nature and generally gives much greater relaxation and harmony than classic ceramic or synthetic shower trays.

Those looking for a space which has to be much more than a room dedicated to personal hygiene, cannot fail to be fascinated by this precious element. Furthermore, the marble shower base has a variable price; everything will depend on the type of stone chosen, its processing, size, etc. Apart from the shower trays present in our furniture line, Dedalo Stone also make customized models of marble shower pan: a necessary choice to complete a renovation project with a defined stylistic structure and where the sanitary fittings are already installed.

Custom-made marble showers are perfect in very small or architecturally difficult rooms. On the contrary, they fit well also in very large contexts needing an ad hoc optimization of every corner. Finally, according to today’s trends which aim at mixing properly practicality and design, it is undoubtedly the flush-to-floor marble shower pan that predominates over all other possible solutions: a winning option which is even more refined, elegant and evocative when combined with parquet or simple porcelain stoneware.

In some cases, together with the shower base, it is equally important to design a proper marble shower threshold. Dedalo Stone will give all the necessary support to deal with all these details.

Marble shower walls and cladding

Marble shower wallsand cladding can surely make a bathroom unique, even if it isof the only element made with this material. Marble for shower wallsis available in infinite shades and types.  For example, travertine marble is generally preferred due to its neutral and warm color which varies from soft beige to walnut and is certainly ideal in a bathroom of any style,  classic, vintage, eclectic or modern.

Marble shower walls and cladding

Equally refined is the Siena yellow marble: bright and eye-catching will be the star of the whole bathroom. In order to accentuate the beauty of this warm yellow stone, a valuable solution is to install dark tones furniture and accessories: this way the contrast with the surrounding elements will further highlight the brightness of this material.

The red Levanto marble is impactful but less showy; it will be ideal in traditional or vintage bathrooms and it will also perfectly match with white ceramic or en pendant elements such as wallpapers or tapestries.

A Carrara marble for shower is definitely a classic.

To realize the marble shower wall panelsand cladding, small tiles are often found on the market.

Generally, for big cladding projects, both a large size marble shower wall tileand a made to measure marble shower tileare used.

The additional service we offer for our projects, with attention to the smallest detail, is to choose together with the customer the slab with which to cover the shower or even the block from which to obtain both
the marble shower panelsand a custom-made bathtub.

A choice of great impact is to select a marble for shower with marked veins and a good contrast, such as Calacatta marble, and cover the shower with the open-book technique, that is positioning the slabs so that the veins continue visually on the entire wall or even on the corner, creating an effect with a strong and spectacular character.

Choosing the right marble for shower walls and cladding is very important for both aesthetic and practical purposes and relying on a leading company in the field like Dedalo Stone will guarantee the realization of a real dream, of a personalized bathroom, lasting over time and that will not be affected by the passage of fashions.

In addition, the marble shower wallsmust be highlighted and place side by side with other elements of the same material; but, above all, it must be made with great care and properly combined with the rest of the furniture and the marble shower surround.

Besides the choice of the marble for shower, it is important to design the lighting in the bathroom so that it enhances the furnishings, creating the right atmosphere we have in mind during the design phase. We will dedicate an entire post to lighting but, in the meantime, you can take a look at our backlit marble shower wallsand furniture solutions.

Finally, with marble shower walls Dedalo Stone does not mean just the wall panels but also the custom marble accessories that come with cladding. This means that Dedalo Stone staff is at the Customer’s disposal in order to design marble shower shelves: our marble shower corner shelf or our marble shower niche for soap are both very appreciated. It is not excluded that special accessories are sometimes required such as a marble shower benchor a marble shower seat especially in larger showers. As you can see themarble shower ideasare endless and Dedalo is here for this to help you define all the details of your project so that it is unique and perfect.

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