Marble Mirror, an elegant choice for luxury bathrooms

Marble mirror for elegant bathrooms

The marble mirror or in general all kind of mirrors have always been a very important piece of furniture, able even to enhance the environment in which they are installed. Perhaps no design object as much as a mirror introduces so many variables. Depending on how the light filters into the room, in fact, the mirror is able to reflect it in an ever different way, thus creating new atmospheres.

The combination of marble and mirror for an elegant and luxury bathroom

Within the bathroom, it undoubtedly has a practical function allowing us to mirror ourselves during the ordinary operations of personal hygiene. But its function is not limited to this.
The mirror, which by its nature reflects light, is able to illuminate a room with few windows or characterized by particularly dark furnishings.
Otherwise, the mirror can expand the spaces: in a small room it can literally change the spatial perception of the environment, clearly duplicating the dimensions of the room.
Finally, for Dedalo the mirror is above all a design element which, if placed with wisdom, succeeds in giving character to the environment.

Therefore, the choice and placement of the mirror are essential in order to obtain the results described above. In this regard, Dedalo assists the Customer in selecting the marble mirror that is most suitable for the installation room by offering a line of products that can be customized in terms of size, shape (square or round) and LED spotlight material.

Marble Mirrors with LED light

Marble Mirror with Led Light

Dedalo’s challenge was to combine a light object like a mirror with a normally heavy material like marble or stone. Dedalo has chosen to give marble the function of lighting the mirror element: the LED spotlights are contained inside a casing made of marble or of a particular stone chosen by the Customer. Those created by Dedalo can be defined to all intents and purposes marble lights. The success of this union between marble and mirror is due above all to the process of lightening which first of all allows the stone to be lighter (without creating any kind of problem for wall installation) and secondly lets the light filter more easily, guaranteeing a correct and warm lighting of the room.

Check out our handcrafted marble mirrors with hidden integrated LED light, which we produce in our workshops in Carrara.

Stone mirrors for the embellishment of your bathroom

The final effect is an embellishment of the environment in which the marble mirror is installed. This enhancement of the environment, thanks to the range of shapes and sizes offered by Dedalo, is evident both in large rooms and in environments with a smaller volume. What is certain is that, despite its simplicity, Dedalo’s marble mirror manage to create a luxurious and welcoming environment, capturing the eyes of those present thanks to its more than unique feature.

Marble Mirror Frame

Marble Mirror Frames

For extreme luxury environments in which marble is the subject of furnishing, it is possible to incorporate the mirror into the walls, decorated and contained by a frame also in marble. In this case depicted, the client needed to create a completely custom-made bathroom, in which the mirrors, the frames, the bathroom cabinet and the sanitary fixtures were entirely made for his needs.

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