Marble is a classic and elegant material.

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Marble is a classic material, elegant without comparison, inimitable and always synonymous with refinement and style. Marble has never gone out of fashion and still today represents a leading trend for furnishing: there are many designers who choose this material for their compositions, thanks to the new stone processing technologies that now allow to recreate any shape and to mix marble with other materials creating innovative and at the same time traditional combinations.

Marble furnishing

Today there are many fields where marble is still a must for those who want to stand out, for those who want to give a touch of class to their home and why not to their office.

Marble floorings.

One of the most classic uses for marble is for the interior flooring. Marble tiles, for example white Carrara or Namibia type, guarantee an unparalleled gloss effect on the market. A unique effect made by the veins that only marble can offer.

Marble furnishings

Today, marble is also used for objects in general. Many contemporary designers love to combine unconventional materials with everyday objects: for instance salad bowls, salt and pepper shakers. Small marble jewels that enrich and distinguish the interior decoration of an apartment: marble then becomes a lamp, for instance. Combined with glass, plastic or metal, marble is in fact perfectly suited to this use.

Marble decor

One of the trends that has been strengthening in this period is that of using marble for the office furnishings. We do not think only of classical offices, but also of all those freelancers who carry out their work at home. In your home, you just need to create a corner with marble tiles, or a beautiful marble desk, to give a touch of originality to the room and clearly define the space intended for business, without disturbing the family harmony offered by the home. The work space, like the domestic one, also shows the taste and style of those who occupy it. This is the reason why using marble to furnish, enrich or decorate your home or office is not a secondary aspect.

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Marble Bathrooms

One of the most traditional application of marble is the bathroom. Floors, wall tiles, washbasins, details, but also large spectacular bathtubs have always been housed in our premises. The novelty in this field are the square shapes that confer a unique elegance brightness upon the final object.

lavabo marmo leggero e vetro

Unique marble objects

But technology now allows us to have fun with ideas. From the decorative vases for the garden made completely of marble to the decorations able to stay afloat on the surface of the water (for instance in a fountain, in a large fish tank or even inside a pool).

Finally, marble also offers one of the modern declinations to the luxury concept. With a marble pool table you can guarantee your friends a nice time to relax after dinner and give that touch of class that is missing from your home.

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