Marble Inlays: Tables, Floors and Coverings

marble inlays

Having a marble inlay at home means enjoying your own dwelling as well as appreciating those elegant and luxurious creations which are capable of giving prestige to your domestic spaces.

Of Arabic origin, the term “inlay” refers to the art of making figures by skillfully inserting other elements of the same material on a flat surface. Marble inlays are very frequent but inlays are also common in wood, ivory and stones.

marble and wood inlay decoration

A marble inlay is able to express magnificence, by giving objects, furniture and floors an inestimable value. It is a true art, born in Asia Minor three hundred years before the birth of Christ, in the city of Tarsia, spread immediately with the Arab domination in all European courts, where nobles competed to surround themselves with artists able to create inlay marble crafts for them.

marble inlay made in carraraToday the quality of the inlays and decorations on marble has reached a high level, especially thanks to the techniques of marble decoration and the new generation inlay machines. An inlay marble work as well as inlay objects or furniture are quite sophisticated and precise, also thanks to the use of suitable equipment that speeds up the work of the master craftsmen by guaranteeing, at the same time, excellent results.

The price of the inlays has also lowered because the machines used are increasingly sophisticated and allow greater precision, making the job easy, fast and with excellent results.

Obviously, inspiration and human creativity continue to contribute significantly both to the quality of the ideas for marble inlay design and to the continuous renewal and improvement of the methods of working with marble.

The realization of marble inlays and decorations

realization of marble decorations and inlays

To create marble inlay works it is necessary not only to possess the creative streak but also to be endowed with a huge dose of experience, knowledge of stone, use of good machinery and excellent manual skills.

table with marble inlays

The master craftsmen and designers who are part of Dedalo’s staff have all the qualities and credentials for the creation of fine italian marble inlay designs, which always turn out to be elements of luxurious and prestigious furnishings.

how to realize marble inlays and decorations

The processing of marble inlays does not happen by chance but is the result of careful examination together with the Customer who commissioned the work. Dedalo Stone’s staff of designers puts at his/her disposal the experience in order to choose the right marble and color, as well as the veins and the drawing of the inlays. A careful design phase follows: the Customer remains the protagonist of the whole creation and the valuable object, floor or wall is defined more and more clearly. Then, the marble inlay work passes into the expert hands of the master craftsmen who, with wisdom, manage to create real works of art. They are artists able to combine traditional work with cutting-edge inlay techniques to give birth to original and unique creations. All the individual designed projects move on to cutting through the special machinery and are consequently organized and cataloged. The manual assembly of the marble inlay is one of the most fascinating moments since the whole work appear in its entirety, where each element fits perfectly with the others.

marble floor with flower decoration

The final part consists of gluing each single marble inlay with special and suitable resins, so that the creation is definitive and eternal.

The beauty of the inlay on marble is their complete uniqueness: single and magnificent works, of true prestige.

Table with marble inlay

marble inlay tableA table with marble inlay in an apartment is that piece of furniture able to give a unique and prestigious elegance to the room.

The creation of a marble inlay table by Dedalo Stone’s designers represents a flagship of the brand. The marble artists take care of all the furniture design, from the initial definition, to the choice of the suitable marble or stone, as well as the color and their relative shades. The cut, the assembly of the individual elements, the smoothing of the inlay table by the craftsmen are all exciting moments, both for the work staff and for the Customer who sees his project being realized.

The care for the marble inlay dining table by Dedalo Stone is an important quality that guarantees excellence and prestige to the works created, destined to last over time.

Marble inlay flooring

florr with geometric marble inlays

Making marble inlay flooring represents one of the excellence of Dedalo Stone. Expert designers are at the Customer’s disposal in order to personalize every particular request.

Modern marble inlay machines are able to work precious marble with extreme precision, even cutting elements of minimum dimensions, always guaranteeing the highest quality and accuracy for the marble inlay flooring patterns.

The marble inlay flooring designs made by Dedalo Stone’s artisan workshops represents an element of rare beauty, capable of conveying a peculiar, unique and inimitable luxury air to the living-room or the bathroom.

Dedalo Stone all the time uses the best marbles and precious stones of international origin, always excellent.

marble floor inlay

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