How to clean marble floors

how to clean marble floors

How to clean marble floor

Nothing is more elegant and refined than a marble floor: an element capable of conferring brightness and importance wherever it is installed, from the dining room to the kitchen or to the outdoor spaces. Used in furniture since ancient times, marble floors are extremely solid and resistant but, like all types of flooring, they need some attention and regular as well as simple maintenance. For this reason, we will give some important tips on how to clean marble floors with the aim of preserving its brightness and integrity for as long as possible.

How to clean marble floors, the tricks of the trade

First of all, an important precaution before delving into how to clean marble floor at home is to properly clean your shoes before stepping on the floor or, even better, take them off and walk with slippers. It may seem trivial but a simple attention like this can certainly decrease the frequency with which polishing or washing marble floors as well as make operations such as cleaning the marble floor easier and faster in case of stains or halos. On the contrary, if the marble floor is installed in a public place and subjected to continuous treading, it is highly advisable to schedule a daily washing of the surface.

Very often it is thought that the more powerful the floor cleaner, the better the final result; yet, when it comes to how to clean marble floors, there is nothing more wrong. In fact, washing marble floors with aggressive products can even be counterproductive. The experts of the field perfectly know how to clean marble tile floors and they always use and suggest delicate and natural products for washing marble floors. In the following paragraphs we will see which are the products recommended by the industry experts and how to clean marble floors correctly.

Tricks about how to clean marble floor

how to clean marble floor

Marble is undoubtedly a very robust material but, despite this, it is particularly sensitive to wear, aggressive detergents and acids. In any case, there is no need to worry as there are some simple tricks for washing marble floors: continue reading and you will also find out how to clean marble floors with correct products.

The first expedient is extremely simple: washing marble floors regularly using simple hot water, even better if low in limestone. For this activity the classic mop is not perfectly suitable while it is preferable to use a soft cloth to avoid scratches. Finally, change the water often during washing and as a last step dry the surface thoroughly with a suede or microfiber cloth. This feature allows you to remove everyday dirt and keep the marble floor neat and shiny.

Among the tricks about how to clean and polish marble floor tiles and to preserve their beauty, there is undoubtedly the immediate removal of any acid substances that have accidentally fallen on them such as coffee, lemon juice, vinegar, tomato sauce or the like. So, in case of acid wash marble floor immediately. Marble is a rather porous natural stone thus you shouldn’t give time to the stone to absorb the acid substance. It is also advisable to immediately dry the surface even in case of simple water because limescale may remain and thus form a halo. As a further safety, a little baking soda can be gently rubbed on the stain and left to act for about ten minutes.

How to clean the marble floor naturally

Now let’s see in detail how to clean marble floor naturally. As anticipated, the best products for cleaning marble floors are delicate and at the same time natural and organic. So, how to clean marble floor home remedies? Two of the main natural and organic products for washing marble floors are easily found at home and are Marseille soap and baking soda.

Just dissolve some Marseille soap in a little warm water and here’s how to clean marble floor at home without the danger of damaging the surface and with the certainty of cleaning the marble floor correctly.

Baking soda, on the other hand, is a great tool and among the tips on how to clean a marble floor with stains. A marble floor can be cleaned with warm water and dissolved bicarbonate or, otherwise, a gentle scrubbing paste can be created to remove stubborn old stains. In case you decide to opt for baking soda to clean stained marble floors, one of the tricks of the trade is to test the paste on a small portion of the surface in order to evaluate its action and not create any unwanted effects.

How to clean marble floor in bathroom

how to clean marble floor in bathroom

When it comes to how to clean marble floor in bathroom, the solutions described above are also applicable in this case. One of the most important measures remains wiping acid substances or even water immediately so that the stone has no time to absorb the spillage. Moreover, if you’re asking yourself how to clean marble floor in bathroom on a daily basis, the best option is to use warm distilled water: distilled water has no limestone or chlorine and it is hence more recommended since it leaves no halos after drying. Other tips on how to clean marble floor in bathroom are again using a neutral soap such as Marseille soap, washing the floor with a soft mop to avoid scratches and drying with a delicate and smooth cloth after rinsing. In order to limit stains on your marble floor in the bathroom, experts suggest to seal the floor with specific products once every 3 or 4 years: in this case, it’s better not to improvise but to rely on experienced people who know how to clean marble tiles in bathroom the correct way.

How to clean marble shower floor

In addition to the things already said above, let’s see how to clean marble shower floor by concentrating on few essential tips and tricks. First tip: avoid bath products containing colorants or acidic ingredients. Secondly, marble tiles in shower should be dried after each use in order to avoid the surface gets opaque due to limestone or soap scum: a good idea could be to leave a clean microfiber towel in the bathroom so that all family members can use it to dry the marble tiles and floor after shower. Also in this case, beyond the importance of how to clean marble shower floor, a sealing process is highly recommended every 3-4 years in order to increase the resistance of the marble to external attacks and make maintenance less frequent.

How to clean marble floors: professional and specific products

In addition to natural or homemade products for washing marble floors, there are obviously professional and specific articles suitable for this purpose. Fila Industria Chimica S.p.A, for example, has a series of products for cleaning natural stone and marble. Or, Marbec is an Italian company that has within its range many specific detergents for stone surfaces and offers several solutions on how to clean marble floors with high quality products made in Italy.

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