Free Standing Stone Sink with Modern Design Made in Carrara - Calla.

Designer: Dedalo Stone
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Free standing sinks are a design trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years in modern luxury bathrooms. This type of sink is installed directly on the floor, in the centre of the room or near the wall. A freestanding stone sink will immediately become the key element of your bathroom thanks to the precious material and the unusual and particular shape compared with the other monolithic washbasin.
Free standing sinks are considered the evolution of the pedestal sink, guaranteeing a refined design, compared with the most common sinks models.
modern free standing stone sink

Dedalo modern stone free standing sink for luxury bathrooms

Calla, the free standing circular stone sink by Dedalo, does not require a support base and is available with a wall or floor drain. In the second case, it is possible to install the product in the centre of the bathroom far from the wall. This mode is recommended if you want to give a central role to the sink, in order to highlight the sculptural forms.
The modern freestanding sink is particularly suited to amaze guests and offers an original and modern solution.
Dedalo Stone is specialized in the processing of stone and marble with particular attention to the lightening of materials. This last point in order to ensure easier installation and transport.
Modern freestanding sink Calla is available in different marble types and natural stones such as: Carrara White Marble, Bardiglio nuvolato, Calacatta Caldia, Crema Luna, Onice Arcoiris, Rosso Collemandina and Travertine.
This luxury sink is made, like the entire Luna collection, in Limestone. A uniform beige marble often used for interior and exterior floors, walls and stairways.
The height of the product is 90 cm while the diameter of the upper circular part is 46 cm. It can be customized according to personal needs by changing the dimensions and the material used. Consult the technical data sheets for the dimensions and further details of the washbasin.

Ideas for Freestanding marble sinks. Design by Dedalo Stone

Dedalo Stone suggests another free standing stone sink designed by Designer Enrico Azzimonti:
Tino, monolithic marble sink, it is available in the 90 cm and 50 cm height version and is equipped with an internal stainless steel system that allows it to rotate on itself.
Marble free standing sinks Calla and Tino are modern and innovative products, 100% Made in Italy, with a contemporary design which is ideal for furnishing an elegant bathroom.

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