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Designer: Enrico Azzimonti
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Free standing marble sinks are the best choice if you want to furnish the bathroom with a modern product that combines tradition and innovation. The free standing sinks represent a masterpiece of elegance that perfectly fits within the furnishing of a classy bathroom.

Tino is a modern stone free standing marble sink with rotation system

Tino, il marble free standing sink realized by Dedalo Stone, è una creazione di Enrico Azzimonti, designer italiano che si occupa di progettazione architettonica e industrial design.
Marble freestanding sink Tino is available in different materials: Travertine, White Marble Carrara, Cloudy Bardiglio, Calacatta Caldia, Crema Luna. In our Carrara laboratory we can make any kind of product customization. The Customer can choose a natural stone or marble among those present in the catalogue of the collection, or request the production using a different material, choosing among the finest marbles and stones in the world.
Since ours is a handmade product made by our experts who have been working marble in Carrara for several generations, we are able to satisfy even the most demanding Customer and the most attentive to details.

Tino is available in 50 cm and 90 cm height versions. The bowl diameter is about 40 cm.
It is equipped with a side shelf for soaps, bottles and objects for personal hygiene. This type of modern free standing marble sink is equipped with an integrated handle that is used to rotate the sink thanks to an internal stainless steel system.
modern free standing sink in marble

Advantages and characteristics of a Marble freestanding sink

Freestanding sinks are generally installed in pairs in the middle of large rooms. They are a great choice in smaller bathrooms and in elegant guest bathrooms.
They do not require wall mounting and therefore can be installed in any area of the bathroom.
An advantage of this type of washbasin is the possibility of hiding the drains inside the floor, avoiding exposed pipes in contrast with other types of washbasin.
You can choose to combine a marble free standing sink with multiple types of faucets. If you can opt for classic wall-mounted taps near the wall, you can choose more modern and eclectic options for the floor such as taps anchored directly to the floor or to the ceiling.

Ideas for Freestanding marble and stone sinks. Other products by Dedalo Stone

If you are looking for new ideas and particular shapes of washbasins to furnish an elegant bathroom, Dedalo Stone offers another freestanding marble sink with thinner and more slender:
Calla, the freestanding monolithic marble sink.
The standard version measures 90 cm in height, while the diameter of the circular part is 46 cm. Like any of our products, it can be completely customized according to the customer needs.
See all our marble and stone washbasins designed for luxury bathrooms, customizable and entirely made in Carrara, Italy.
modern free standing stone sink

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