Modern Pool Table: How to choose a Luxury Billiard

elegant and modern pool table

The modern pool table, while welcoming a classic game, is surprisingly back in vogue, by offering a good combination of luxury and functional aspects.

The choice of a luxury pool table moves between models with impeccable aesthetics, characterized by excellent structural features, and the use of noble and valuable materials. Made in Italy products are characterized by high quality components, promptly responding to the legitimate need to welcome elegance and tradition within the refinement of this game.

white marble billiard table

The game of billiards fascinates and amuses, with its magical carpet on which the balls splash behind the cue. It is a passion that has always involved players, who show both experience and skills.

The luxury pool table has a solid structure, suitable to accommodate a playing surface with marble or slate slabs, covered with a soft carpet. They are indispensable elements to guarantee perfect balance and total precision during the cue stroke towards the ball, orienting it towards the hole.

modern pool table in marble

Details are essential both in the realization of the modern billiards table and in the furnishing of the environment that hosts the game. Companies specialized in the creation of tables and accessories for billiards are attentive to the needs of Customers, who require more and more luxury goods characterized by maximum functionality, as well as aspects related to aesthetics. The reference target for the modern pool table is aimed at those who prefer to live unique experiences, choosing precious and quality products, widely customized in the design.

marble luxury billiard

The brands that produce several types of luxury pool table, for individuals and professionals, offer a wide range of handcrafted models, embellished with particular and refined finishes. Every detail underlines the search for an elegant and classy style, highlighting the uniqueness of the items dedicated to the game of billiards, impeccable for what concern the aspects related to luxury. Each modern luxury pool table corresponds to an appropriate and specific model of cue holder, linked by style and luxurious design, in order to enrich the luxury billiards room with a touch of refinement. A final aspect for the perfect furnishing is the presence of a professional modern pool table light and spotlights, necessary elements to achieve total harmony in the luxury billiards room.
The objective and the consequent result is the total satisfaction of the Customer, who certainly pay no attention to expenses for a beautiful and well-made luxury pool table.

How to Choose a Pool Table: Size and Types

white modern pool table

When you are asking yourself how to choose a pool table, you must undoubtedly consider the level at which you play and the environment that will host the luxury pool table.
It is necessary to know very precisely the size of the room where the modern billiards table will be placed. The correct measure of the space available is the essential element so that the game can be played easily by all players around the table, handling the cues with accuracy and precision.
It is generally recommended to create a modern pool table room so that around each side there is a space of at least one meter and fifty, a measure corresponding to the length of the cue.

However, it is possible to choose between different sizes of pool table, depending on the dimensions of the room that will host it.

English Pool Tables are 6ft (1,8 m) or 7ft (2,1m) big, which is the common size found in pubs and clubs around the UK. Since balls are smaller in English pools in comparison with American pools, the table pockets are correspondingly smaller.

In larger spaces you can opt for an American Pool Table which is a luxury billiards table with bigger size, generally from 7ft up to 9.5ft (2,1 x 2,9m).

If you have a large living room, the perfect solution is a larger luxury billiards table in order to have optimal playing potentials.

Pool Dining Tables are very popular, especially for home use. The cool thing about this tables is that you can place a hard top on the table when you want to use it for working, eating or anything other than pool. The design choices of this table (e.g. height and size) are aimed at making it comfortable both as a game table and as a dining table. Therefore, when you don’t have enough rooms in your house to accommodate a regular pool table, a pool dining table is the ideal option. There are many designs now available to suit a range of interior décors, from traditional to contemporary, in many different finishes.

Moreover, there are the so-called Commercial Pool Tables, thought for commercial activities which need a way to charge people for using the pool table. Nowadays, there are several mechanisms available for paying and releasing the balls: from the mechanical “straight six” system to electronic or even contactless systems.

A pool enthusiast, who owns a large game room, can choose his favorite amongthe most common types of pool tables:
English snooker generally measuring between 8 ft x 4 ft (2,4m x 1,2m) and 12 ft × 6 ft (3,6 x 1,8m).
American pool standard sizes are the following: from 13’11” x 10’8″ (4,24 x 3,25 m) to 18″ x 13’11” (5,5  x 4, 23 m)
For what concerns the International Billiards pool sizes, there are only two sizes approved for tournament play by the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) and its various regional and national affiliates: 9 × 4.5 ft (2,7 x 1,3m ) and 8 × 4 ft (2,4 x 1,2 m) models. The tables are available in the pocketless variety (e.g. for games like carom) or with the standard six pockets, one at each corner of the table.

The market also offers modern outdoor pool table types specifically for outdoor play, suitable for holiday homes. These are items designed and realized with special materials in order to resist the attacks of atmospheric agents.

In conclusion, Dedalo will help you how to choose a pool table that perfectly fits your space and your needs.

Custom Modern Pool Tables for Sale in marble by Dedalo Stone

Dedalo’s luxury billiards are not only modern pool tables for sale. Dedalo, in fact, is a company whose products represent the prestige of the marble craftsmanship that is affirmed in everyday life with its three-dimensional and sculptural aspects. The creation of custom modern pool tables in marble is characterized by parts which are not glued but worked in a single block: in this way, unique products of noble workmanship are created, able to establish themselves as design icons and not only as modern pool tables for sale.

The Company offers luxury billiards made of lightweight marble, perfect for showing the exceptional combination of technology and design.

In creating its modern contemporary pool table, Dedalo collaborates with prestigious brands in the field, engaged for several decades in the creation of high quality models of modern wood pool table. This cooperation results in modern pool table designs, characterized not only by a certain elegance in finishing and classy details but also by the structure which perfectly respects the international rules of the game.

Modern White Pool Table

modern marble pool table

The Iceberg Blue modern white pool table is a luxury model, harmoniously representative of Dedalo’s mission. It is a precious item, exhibited at the Veronafiere international event “MarmoMac“, where the company obtained the “Best Communicator Award” in the design category.
This white modern pool table is an example of precision with perfectly sinuous shapes that offers the sight of an art article that is structurally solid and perfect in its dimensions.

marble luxury billiard


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