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An onyx kitchen is something truly superb, a unique creation capable of conferring great elegance, but also modernity, to the most diverse domestic spaces. When we talk about natural stones, we usually think exclusively of marble or granite. However, calcareous onyx, an evocative material with very heterogeneous colors, definitively stands out among these materials.

Nowadays, interior design aims at creating not only functional but also emotional environments, able to captivate senses and colors: materials prove to be fundamental for this purpose. Firstly, natural materials, if worked by skilled hands, are perfect in order to realize practical and customized solutions for an incredibly beautiful and refined onyx marble kitchen, whether it is classic, or more modern. The limit is your own taste. It is no coincidence that Dedalo Stone designs and manufactures bespoke onyx kitchens and has chosen this noble and precious material because of its industrially inimitable and rare exceptional characteristics.

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One of the main peculiarities of calcareous onyx is its being translucent and hence it is particularly suitable for being backlit. Depending on the extraction point, it is available in infinite shades such as white, green, orange, honey, brown and red. But it is the natural color of the so-called Tiger Onyx that has aroused more acclaim for its warm and enigmatic streaks that recall the tiger’s royal coat.
Let’s discover the characteristics of a backlit kitchen, its beauty and austerity as well as the infinite possibilities of realization by Dedalo Stone, leader in the field of furnishings in marble, stone and onyx, totally made in Italy.

Onyx Kitchen Countertops

Onyx kitchen countertops are a true connoisseur’s choice: what can usually be a simple piece of furniture will actually become the focal point of the entire room. This is thanks to Dedalo Stone’s onyx kitchen worktops that, unlike the traditional and much more discreet kitchen countertops, have an allure that will steal the show from all the furnishings and at the same time give maximum resistance, refinement and class to the room.
sink and top in onyx

The stylistic possibilities are endless. A careful design will create the essential lines of the kitchen, its size and its importance within the whole furniture. In addition, onyx kitchen countertops will also take on different moods if backlit: this special feature, in fact, highlights the grain of the stone, its streaks of warm and enveloping colors, creating ever new and suggestive scenographies.

Furthermore, light is a smart element, indispensable in domestic rooms and an undisputed and functional means to create unique, dreamy, relaxing and almost magical environments.
Thanks to calcareous onyx, the onyx kitchen can take on different stylistic aspects: it can be modern but also classic and match very well with wooden furnishings of the most varied essences. It can also take on an ethnic or industry allure by mixing other materials and ad-hoc accessories (why not just onyx kitchen accessories) that will harmonize with onyx kitchen countertops.
Imagine classic onyx kitchen worktops that include also a black onyx kitchen sink and that embrace the entire kitchen, recalling the magnificence of Greek and Roman temples and palaces: it is not a dream but a possible and achievable project thanks to Dedalo Stone’s experience and to materials that are carefully chosen to satisfy every need. Even a design table in onyx for the kitchen will give indoor design stability and harmony. Therefore, is onyx good for kitchen countertops? Yes, of course. Last but not least, onyx is a highly hygienic material, perfect for the contact with food. However, it is important not to underestimate the treatment and cutting of the onyx in order to make it ideal for the kitchen. For this reason, it is essential to rely only on a specialized company able to implement all this in the best way.

Backlit Onyx Kitchen

A backlit onyx kitchen is extremely trendy but at the same time is a luxurious item for true connoisseurs. To realize these projects (kitchen countertops, walls, tables, shelves and other accessories), Dedalo Stone makes use of high technologies and partnerships with companies specialized in the lighting field.
Lighting solutions are practically infinite by type of light used and by positioning: for example, LEDs, strips, single lighting points and backlit panels are used to avoid shadow areas. Above all, to create a backlit kitchen, onyx is among the most suitable materials, a translucent natural stone ideal for this purpose and capable of generating scenographies worthy of a high-class resort with the right lighting.
Backlighting in a backlit onyx kitchen will highlight the peculiarities, the nuances, the streaks typical of this material and also the shapes of the furnishings: their bulk will be softer but austere and highly refined by day and by night.

Onyx Kitchen Islandonyx marble countertop

Thanks to the extraordinary properties of onyx and the skill of Dedalo Stone’s designers, craftsmen and installers, it is also possible to create a classy onyx kitchen island.
This solution is perfect both in large rooms and in smaller ones and onyx can be used to match the kitchen countertop or other elements of the same space.

onyx slab
The island is in fact very similar to, in terms of functionality and conformation, a kitchen countertop but placed in the center of the room or in any case distant from the main furniture block. It allows you to prepare dishes, wash dishes if equipped with a sink, cook if equipped with an induction or gas hob and even eat meals. Obviously, by creating a backlit onyx kitchen island, the room will take on an even stronger and well-defined character.


To make an onyx kitchen unique, Dedalo Stone offers projects with attention to the smallest detail: in fact, onyx kitchen cabinets are realizable or even the shelves or the wall units can be made of onyx, coordinated with the rest of the furniture. These functional elements will thus also take on a strong aesthetic connotation, black onyx kitchen cabinets are for instance much appreciated, and they can perfectly match with other surrounding items such as an onyx kitchen countertop, a kitchen island or with other elements of the same material. Most Customers find that backlit kitchen cabinets made in onyx are able to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere that is unmatched. For all the above reasons, onyx is a surprising material and today considered the object of desire of those who love luxury and seek uniqueness in interior design.onyx slab for kitchen

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