Custom Onyx Bathroom - Shower, Vanity Sink, Open Book Wall and Floor Covering

Onyx bathroom is a recurring choice of those who love beautiful, luxurious, unique and timeless domestic spaces. This stone, if shaped by skilled hands, can properly integrate with different onyx bathroom designs.

Tubs, sinks, washbasins, claddings and floors can easily be realized with the precious and functional calcareous onyx. This stone, which is different and more valuable than silica onyx, is able to adorn even the smallest onyx marble bathroom as a jewel.

luxury onyx marble bathroom

Owning a corner of pure relaxation at home such as an onyx bathroom, built and designed by real experts, is a real gift that will undoubtedly increase the value of the entire property and embellish the moments spent inside it.

On the other hand, beyond its size and style, a bathroom must be able to welcome us in the best possible way, to make us feel protected, safe, free as well as to give us the possibility to take care of ourselves at best on a physical and mental level. In the light of the above, is onyx good for bathroom? The answer is yes. All these features and requests can be fulfilled by Dedalo Stone, a company which has been designing and manufacturing bespoke onyx stone bathrooms for years with extreme attention to detail and great craftsmanship, typical of real made in Italy products.

Whatever the style preferred by the Customer, either modern or classic, the onyx bathroom will be realized by using the aforementioned elements such as bathtubs, washbasins, cladding, flooring together with wisely chosen pieces of furniture and mirrors. Thanks to modern technologies, another highly appreciated innovative solution able to give an indisputable touch of class is backlit onyx: a backlit ony bathroom is able to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, able to amaze any type of Customer.

Here are all the peculiarities of a turnkey project made with real onyx, a valuable and resistant material, unique in its kind and of great luxury.

Onyx Bathroom Colors and Ideas

Thanks to the possible onyx bathroom colors, this stone bathroom result to be a particular oasis of peace and beauty within the most varied domestic or hotel contexts. Dedalo Stone’s skilled staff will make you see a completely tailor-made project that will not leave out any structural, functional or aesthetic detail. Color variety is a feature of this luxurious and resistant stone, one of the most popular for fine interior design. In fact, different varieties of colors can be suggested in order to meet the Customer’s tastes.

The Company’s team of architects and interior designers is specialized in creating completely customized architectural and interior projects. For this reason, it is easy to find within Dedalo’s portfolio projects which are very different from each other in terms of style.

The choice of the type of onyx, being a material with a strong distinctive character, is the first step that will help characterize the mood of the entire room.
For example, a pink onyx bathroom, with a warm, enveloping, reassuring, soft and multifaceted nuances will also appeal to men for its extreme elegance and great grace, with a touch of retro frivolity.

Alternatively, you can opt for a green onyx bathroom: a more masculine, energetic and fresh shade, recalling nature par excellence, the undergrowth, but also the pure and uncontaminated waters, symbol of relaxation and deeper inwardness. Furthermore, for those who do not like tone-on-tone solutions, it is possible to mix various onyx bathroom colors (such as a pink and honey onyx bathroom or a green and white onyx bathroom) or to mix onyx with other materials such as marble, also available in different colors as well as to can combine bathroom accessories in green or pink onyx with materials such as wood, ceramics, etc.

Dedalo Stone’s experts will be able to give the best advice during the design phase in order to create customized and completely unique onyx bathroom ideas.

Onyx Bathroom Walls

vanity floor and shower in onyx

Those who do not like tone-on-tone solutions or a visual impact that risks being too flat and homogeneous will undoubtedly prefer onyx cladding or onyx bathroom walls. In fact, this option will allow you to combine traditional white ceramic or other nuances bathroom fixtures, creating a unique dynamism yet without giving up using a luxurious and hyper-refined material such as onyx.

The color combinations in this case are practically infinite and you can choose bathroom furniture accessories matching the exclusive veins of the slabs used, or range in the typical palettes of pink, green or yellow.

Many interior designers also suggest using these noble and highly spectacular materials to direct attention on the focal points of the bathroom, that is to say, the most characteristic and peculiar ones. It is no coincidence that Dedalo Stone creates fully customized models of onyx bathtub, freestanding or traditional, backlit onyx bathroom panels also around the mirror, onyx bathroom showers, washbasin tops with onyx details and many other bathroom accessories of rare beauty and peculiarity.

White onyx bathroom walls are also very popular and sought after: a neutral, translucent and hyper-bright color, also ideal for small-sized toilets. In this case, the whiteness of the limestone material will give greater breath and visual breadth to the room, without sacrificing luxury and originality. Undoubtedly, onyx bathroom claddings are another excellent alternative to have custom-made spaces, with a great aesthetic impact and able to represent one’s own being as well as to respond to specific practical needs (such as onyx bathroom shower walls).

Onyx Bathroom Accessories

Dedalo Stone designs and manufactures bespoke onyx bathrooms but also onyx bathroom accessories: its staff of experienced architects and designers can make each element exceptionally beautiful and in line with the chosen mood.

In particular, in addition to designing entire tubs, sinks, claddings and floors, the Company uses luxury materials such as onyx, marble and precious woods to design and create peculiar elements such as soap dishes, customized niches integrated into the cladding as well as onyx bathroom vanity tops or wastebins. But, more importantly, all these onyx bathroom accessories are realized in order to perfectly match with the covering and with all the aesthetic and architectural choices of the Customer.

In particular, these latter pieces of furniture are real gems that underline Dedalo Stone extreme attention to detail. The Customer can request unique and studied onyx bathroom accessories that will make his/her onyx bathroom perfect and personalized to the maximum.

Onyx Sink

modern onyx sink
Finally, we would like to dwell on the versatility and the great aesthetic and functional impact of the onyx sink, another Dedalo Stone creation among the most loved by Customers with the most varied tastes and needs.

The sink in general is one of the elements that most characterizes the bathroom and that at first glance expresses the entire allure of the room. Surely a stone or limestone onyx sink will not go unnoticed and can either become the true protagonist of the room or be delicately integrated into the style of the bathroom.

It is in fact possible to create a tone-on-tone bathroom, all played and made with noble and luxurious materials such as marble and onyx, but also a bathroom in which only a few elements can best characterize the space.

vessel onyx washbasin

For example, onyx bathroom claddings will give importance to sanitary ware and the other surrounding accessories, if placed with a chromatic contrast. On the other hand, an onyx bathtub, a beautiful freestanding or column onyx sink, or an onyx countertop sink will surely grab the spotlight at the expense of the wall coverings.

Thanks to the endless possibilities of shape, size, structure, coloring and positioning and to the careful design and work of Dedalo Stone, the bathroom of dreams comes to life and becomes reality.

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