White Travertine

white travertine

White Travertine is part of the travertine family, stones already widely used in Roman times for building purposes due to their beauty and easy workability. One of the characteristics of Travertine and white Travertine is undoubtedly a porous surface and veins that make it a material with an exquisitely ancient flavour.
There are different varieties of Travertine white marble among which it is necessary to mention the super white Travertine, the light Alabastrino marble and the Rapolano white Travertine marble. With the exception of super white Travertine which is a Middle Eastern product, white travertines are mainly extracted in Italy and in particular in southern Tuscany (in Rapolano to be precise) or in the Roman area.

white travertine slabs for sale
In the different varieties, Travertine white marble looks like a white marble with a compact structure and little vacuolarity compared to classic Travertine. The color of the white Travertine tile is uniform in shades of ivory and cream. The veins are thin, also white, and here and there you can find darker clouds, white intrusions and small dark gray or black dots.
Travertine is one of those stone materials that are immediately associated with an idea of undisputed elegance: its versatility (adaptable to classic and modern environments) and its historical importance make it a highly prized and refined material. White Travertine marble is a variety which, in addition to the aspects already mentioned, benefits from a light color which blends perfectly with environments such as the bathroom and the kitchen and is able to give a sense of space and brightness, especially in environments with small volume. In those spaces, white Travertine tile are usually used to clad the walls.
Finally, let’s not forget that the porosity and slightly velvety surface of white Travertine makes it a material with good anti-slip characteristics. For this reason, white travertine floor tile is particularly suitable for the construction of both indoor and outdoor floors and stairs. Other typical creations in white Travertine are vertical coverings, tiles, kitchen tops, sinks and shower trays.

Material: Travertine
Color: White
Origin: Italy
Uses: Coverings, floorings etc.
Surface: Polished, honed, hammered, flamed, chiseled etc.

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