Grooved Marble

grooved marble

Grooved marble and grooved stone represent a timeless classic whose surface is characterized by a network of parallel and straight grooves, more or less spaced from each other. The marble lines can be parallel to the sides of the slab or, alternatively, placed diagonally; in other cases, the lines in this marble finish can be arranged in such a way as to create particular geometries on the grooved marble surface. Like all marble tile finishes that affect the smoothness of the marble surface, even grooved marble is a marble finish recommended for outdoor applications due to the resistance to weather and atmospheric agents and the anti-slip qualities that grooved marble acquires.

How grooved marble is obtained

Once the grooved marble was made by stonecutters with hammer and chisel. Nowadays, however, there are different techniques for obtaining grooved marble. One of these is the use of pneumatic hammers which in any case requires strength and firmness by the marble worker in order to obtain a clean and precise job. Alternatively, there is the use of variable profile diamond discs or water jets at very high pressures.

marbles grooved

Uses of grooved marble

The installation of worked stones with this particular stone finish is very common outdoors in our cities such as in squares or historic centers: sidewalks, steps, window sills and so on. Grooved marble, on the other hand, is very often used for decorative purposes (for example with particular grooves or irregularly spaced) for the creation of furnishing accessories such as a wall covering or a grooved marble floor finish.

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